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Dell 3000dn printer, LOAD MPF message


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Dell 3000dn printer, LOAD MPF message

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I purchased a new Inspiron computer with Windows 7, and suddenly my Dell 3000cn printer began giving me a "Load MPF" error messages, even though paper was loaded.  I downloaded the driver updates at and tried a few other things, with no luck.  I just solved the problem and wanted to save someone else some grief if they had encountered the same problem. 

When my new computer arrived, the language loaded in the system was the United Kingdom version of English, rather than the United States version.  I changed the language in the computer; however, I realized while researching the "Load MPF" problem that the paper size in the Printer Preferences was in millimeters, rather than inches.  By restoring the defaults and setting the printer properties to the US version of the correct paper size (8-1/2 x 11), I am no longer receiving the error "Load MPF" error message on my printer.

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  • Where did you change the LANGUAGE in the system?

  • In MS Word, Go to File/Print/Page Setup* (File/Page Setup in earlier word versions) and on the PAPER tab, change the PAPER SOURCE from "MPF" to "Default Tray."

    *Page Setup is a hyperlink at the bottom of the various button options. 

    ps THANK YOU,  , for the original post - very helpful!