2135 Scan to network


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2135 Scan to network

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Please, can someone help me...Im going around the twist.


I am trying to set up the san to network function on the 2135 (If id read the reviews first, maybe i would have chosen differently.  Such a clunky process!)


This is my configuration in 

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  • Sorry, seems what I put in next didnt come out properly.


    Here is the configuration I have:

    Name  Lees Scan  


    Server Type SMB 


    Server Address  192.168.etc...


    Share Name  Scanned Documents


    Server Path  office.powerfulpoints.com.au\D:\XXXX\Scan Output


    Server Port Number 139

    It is coming up with SMB path error 031-530
    the share name is correct & it is located at the right directory (XXXX ) is put in just for security.
    Can someone please help!

  • did you get this problem sorted in the end?


    I am having the same issue and its resisting all solutions thus far.