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2135 Scan to network


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2135 Scan to network

This question is not answered

Please, can someone help me...Im going around the twist.


I am trying to set up the san to network function on the 2135 (If id read the reviews first, maybe i would have chosen differently.  Such a clunky process!)


This is my configuration in 

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  • Sorry, seems what I put in next didnt come out properly.


    Here is the configuration I have:

    Name  Lees Scan  


    Server Type SMB 


    Server Address  192.168.etc...


    Share Name  Scanned Documents


    Server Path  office.powerfulpoints.com.au\D:\XXXX\Scan Output


    Server Port Number 139

    It is coming up with SMB path error 031-530
    the share name is correct & it is located at the right directory (XXXX ) is put in just for security.
    Can someone please help!

  • did you get this problem sorted in the end?


    I am having the same issue and its resisting all solutions thus far.




  • We are having this issue on a Dell 2665.

    However, the original poster has a Server Name, Share Name, Server Path that seems odd to me.

    Not sure why in his server path, there is a FQ Hostname, AND a drive letter and colon.

    My server destination is:

    Which in the Address Book is:
    Server name: server1
    Share Name: share1
    Server Path: folder1

    (note: where server1, share1, folder1 are generalized for this forum)

    It works fine when the printer is first booted up. and will work for several minutes. However, after about 15 minutes, when it enters "Deep Power Save" mode, when we wake it up, we get 031-530. If we reboot the printer, it works again. Interestingly, when we print to it, when it's in deep power save mode, it does wake up and print, just won't scan until rebooted.

    One thing possibly unique, is we have two of these Dell 2665 multifunction printers on our network, and they are both setup with a different TCP/IP hostname, and SMB hostname. RM12665, RM22665 respectively.

    Any reflections/suggestions?
  • Update, just found that there is a firmware update released on 8/22/2014 for this, 5 days ago. So I will try that and report back.

    There was no mention of SMB in the "Fixes and Enhancements".
  • Hello Tribalsimba,

    Thank you for posting to the forum. I am hoping you saw some improvements with the sleep issue after the firmware update. Regarding the SMB issue, that is a little tricky to work thru the forum without being able to see the folder and configuration first hand. If you are still having issues please contact us thru either phone or chat support. 


    Joseph E


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