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Dell 1815 Scanner - How to set up with GMAIL


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Dell 1815 Scanner - How to set up with GMAIL

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We want to use the network scanner with our gmail since we do not have a hosted email service solution.  I set up to work with smtp server of and smtp port 587 and it does not work.  Any suggestion on how to set this up with gmail.



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  • Scanners have nothing to do with email. They are for scanning and copying photos or documents. The network in the name means you can share it with other computers on your home network. You must have an Internet Provider like cable or dsl to use your Gmail. You obviously do have a provider or you would not be able to post. All you need is to open your browser--Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox--and go to Google's Gmail site.

  • Perhaps I formed my question wrong.  We have a network scanner with the capabilities to scan to email.  My company does not have an email server we use gmail as our mail.  I was asking if anyone new or had set up the dell 1815 to work with gmail instead of a traditional smtp mail server.

  • Hi I'm having the same issue:

    I'm using : : 587

    authentication is on

    username is the full email

    password is the one I use to sign in


    I'm wondering if the scanner email client supports SSL-TLS?

  • I don't believe it does.  If you can send out emails on port 25 from your network (if you are, you are lucky), you can use the gateway of with no authentication (try that first).  Barring that, you will have to find another smtp server.  Perhaps your ISP will have one that works.