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Is there a Windows 7 driver that works for a Dell 1700 Printer?


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Is there a Windows 7 driver that works for a Dell 1700 Printer?

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Just purchased a Dell 1745 laptop that came with Windows 7. Prior to the laptop I had been using a Dell 1700 printer for 4 years with Windows XP with few problems. My oddessy started with my loading the original driver that came with the printer in 2005. No luck. Windows 7 treated the printer as a alien  piece of hardware. Then went to the Dell Support site and found a Windows 7 driver and loaded that. No luck. Went back to the Dell Support site dug further and read that you should load the Vista not Windows 7 driver so I downloaded the Vista driver and tried that. No luck. Then went to the Dell Community site and read that you need to right click on the Vista driver solution and change it's compability mode to Vista. Tried that no luck. In my printer panel I can see a Dell model 1700 icon. I can "print" but nohing hqppens. The Dell Studio laptop is not recognizing the printer. Then tried the "install local printer" method to try and force the linkage (see Dell community 11/2/09 notes again) but no luck. I could not direct Windows to the correct printer driver file. I then tried dowloading the Lexmark printer driver for Windows 7 and no luck. SO I AM SHOUTING OUT TO THE DELL COMMUNITY. HELP! There has to be an effective way to load a new driver and have Windows 7 recognize the printer. 

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  • I too have the same issue.  I got the driver to work with Windows 7 32bit.  but the 64bit will not work!  So yes, I think by now Dell should have this issue resolved.  It should be a simple matter of being able to use the Vista 64 driver.  but no that does not work either.

  • gusmackey,


    I don't usually respond to laser threads as I usually handle the inkjet printers.


    Did you try installing the Vista drivers in the compatibility mode?


    Right click on the setup.exe file, left click properties, left click compatibility. Change the compatibility to Vista. Then install the proper drivers. You'll be prompted when to connect the printer(powered on)

    ***To install drivers, sometimes the file unzips and does nothing. You have to look for the setup.exe file, right click on it, then left click run as administrator***



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  • I am also having problem trying to get my Dell computer to recognize my Dell 1700 printer.  I just upgraded from Vista- 64 bit to Windows 7- 64 bit.  I was trying to follow the instructions above but not sure I'm understanding correctly.  Am I supposed to say the system I'm running is Vista?  Because it doesn't give you an option of Vista 64 - only Vista 32.  I've tried these steps multiple times using both Windows 7 and Vista 32 and still not working.  When I download the drivers, it is a bunch of zip files and I get some kind of instructions from Dell about what order to download chipsets, etc. that doesn't seem related.  I can unzip the files but nothing further happens and I tried the right and left click above but can't find setup.exe files.  It if it in the Dell Utility file, that one says I am not an Administrator on this computer.  I've had this computer for over a year and know I'm set up as Administrator.  Can anyone give me any suggestions?  

  • Windows-7 includes many different printer drivers during O/S installation. As it turns out, the Lexmark E322(MS) is the equivalent to the Dell 1700, and the driver listed for the Lexmark E322 printer works very well.

    If using a network connection (provided your printer has a network port), use the standard means to manually install using an IP connection.

    If using USB, plug the cable in a PnP will do it's thing. Open the PnP icon and skip windows update then wait for the driver install to fail. When it drops a new 1700 device onto the Devices and Printers page..... ignore it. Now click the Add printer link and install a new printer using the Local connection, USB001 port. Use the same Lexmark E322(MS) driver.

    Hope this helps.

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  • Thank you, thank you!  It did work.  I can print from the printer!  Only issue is it doesn't show up under devices at all.  It used to be there but when I unplugged it and replugged it into USB port (not networked), it disappeared and hasn't come back despite restarting, etc.  Actually, nothing happened - no PnP-  no response at all from the computer. I tried it a few times and got nothing.  So I just went to the devices screen and proceeded with your instructions and it worked.  I clicked to add a printer, chose USB002 (there wasn't a USB001), and then chose the Lexmark.  Even though neither Dell or Lexmark devices show up on the device screen, when you click on print, they appear on a drop down list.  I can click on either the Dell or Lexmark and it prints on the Dell.  I suppose something is wrong still because if it doesn't show on the devices, I can't set it to be the default printer.  So it's annoying.  But at least it's printing.  Thanks again.

  • Dear llynster in Printers--thanks for trying but it did not work. I connected my Dell 1700 printer to my Studio 1745 laptop running Windows 7 home premier version using a USB cable. If I turn on the printer first and then plug the USB, nothing happens as the PnP action does not work. So I plug the USB cable in first then turn on the printer. Then the computer/Windows 7 sees it but calls it a "Unknown device" but lists it in the device window. Following your instructions above I then selected "Add printer" and selected Lexmark E322 (ms) which installed and shows up on the device driver window. However, when printing a test page, nothing happens. When tyring to print Word pages nothing happens. It is as if Windows 7 does not make the connection between the "Unknown device" and the driver. Please see my attached page..

    I personally think that the Dell recomended driver has issues with Windows7. I would be happy to send my Dell 1700 printer to you to try yourself.

  • Dear "frustrated17",

    Sorry you're having these problems. I've used the LexmarkE322(MS) driver on several Windows-7 installations without any issues; at Home, at work, and on several customer sites. Are you setting this as the default printer? In Devices and printers, the printer object should be labeled as Lexmark E322(MS) AND will have a green circle with a checkmark next to it. (the circle/check indicates it is the assigned default printer)

    At home, I have the Studio XPS 1640 laptop running Windows-7 Ultimate..... absolutely no problem with this driver.

    I'm not sure where you got the idea that Dell has recommened this driver. In my own case, because I've worked on Lexmark products for a long time, I know what the internals look like and figured out the Dell 1700 and the Lexmark E322 are the same machine, different plastics.

    Hate to say this, but you have a different problem or you're doing something wrong.

    As far as sending your printer to me..... sorry, that's not possible..... my boss would freak out and I'd soon be looking for a new job.

    "the Llynster"

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  • I join you in the help plea!  I have done all the suggestions shown in the post, I am running 64bit version of Windows 7, the interesting thing is that on one of my other computers I was running the 90 day trail 32bit and it loaded the vista driver fine a worked like a charm.  So now that I have the full 64 bit version this really SUCKS!  My Dell 1700n has been a great printer and works fine with my other 4 systems that  have server 2003, vista 32 and windows xp.  I see my business there is no way I would switch to Windows 7 unless it was the 32bit version. 

  • are you using 32 or 64 bit windows 7?

  • On my Dell 1745 laptop I am running Windows 7 64 bit.

  • This worked, and I can't thank you enough. Reminder to other people doing this - make sure to check the USB box.

  • Thank you -- completely worked.  However, my setup is quite different.


    In my case -- my Laser 1700 is hooked up to a Windows XP workstation that is sharing.  My updated Windows 7 64 Bit workstation would not work until I followed your steps.


    Following your instructions - I downloaded the necessary drivers from Dell's website.  I changed the properties of the setup.exe to run in compatibility mode as Vista and as administrator.  After running the setup.exe this time -- I installed as network device for this computer and put in the necessary UNC Path (\\xyzcomputer\DellLaser).   After that it properly installed the device and I could run the test page.


    Thanks again.

  • When I went from XP to Win7, I used the XP installation CD for the 1700N.  It works perfectly.

    Try and find a download from Dell for the XP 1700 driver.  I never did find it.  Glad I had the old CD.

  • Thank you!

    My Dell 1700n wouldn't work on Windows 10 64 and it was driver me mad!

    The Lexmark e322 did not show in the list of printers but I was manage to get the printer working (also works on wifi) by downloading this driver:

    Hope it helps someone else!