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How do I reseat a fuser on a 3110cn?


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How do I reseat a fuser on a 3110cn?

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To be honest, not sure what the fuser is.  Appreciate any help.

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  • Did you get an error message regarding the fuser?

    To re-seat the fuser, open the front cartridge access door, flip up the paper deflector, locate the two gray levers, rotate them outward, and pull the fuser straight towards you. Reverse all that to put it back.

    Here's a picture that might help:

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  • Thanks Llinster.  I have taken the fuser out and put it back in several times now, but still get the same "reseat fuser" message.  Dell support is telling me if that's happening that I need to replace the fuser for >$200.  Time to buy a new printer I think, unless you've got another idea.

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