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How do I connect a printer to my new Dell Vostro?


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How do I connect a printer to my new Dell Vostro?

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I cannot connect my old HP Inkjet 832C printer to my new Dell Vostro 1520 laptop because the Dell Vostro does not have the right kind of port for the printer's cable. So how do I connect a printer?  Do I need to buy a new printer that has wireless capabilities?  And, if so, how do I go about connecting it to the Dell Vostro?  Help please!   

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  • If you want to keep your existing printer, you'll need an Express Card with a parallel port on it:

    Otherwise, replace the printer with a USB or USB and wireless model.  I would suggest looking at the Canon printers, which are cheaper to run than the HP models.


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    Your choices are ...

    This type of adapter, a new wireless printer, or a new USB printer.

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  • The printer is parallel, not serial - so that adapter isn't the correct one.   Even if you use a USB to parallel cable, don't count on it working properly.  Many HP printers won't work with them.  Better to install a true parallel port in the Express Card socket.

  • Thanks so much!