Microsoft® Windows 7® Compatibility With Dell Printers:

This article lists all Dell printers compatible with the Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System.

Dell Printers


Pudgyone has provided a bit more information on installing printer drivers for your Windows 7 systems:

This information has worked and may be of help to others. You can revise it any way you'd like but I have had success with people installing their printers on Windows 7 using the compatibility mode.

Please do not believe the list until you try installing the Vista drivers in the compatibility mode. There has been sucess with installing the printer, even though it's on the list.

Right click on the setup.exe file, left click properties, left click compatibility. Change the compatibility to Vista. Then install the proper drivers. You'll be prompted when to connect the printer(powered on)

***To install drivers, sometimes the file unzips and does nothing. You have to look for the setup.exe file, right click on it, then left click run as administrator***