1320c orange error light flashing - won't print


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1320c orange error light flashing - won't print

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The orange error light is flashing on my 1320c printer. When I turn printer on, all seems OK. Then a couple minutes later the orange error light flashes.

I tried to print after turning on - before error light had a chance to come on... printer made sounds like it was gearing up to print then stopped and orange light flashes.

I'm wondering if it is the fuser? I checked everything. Fuser was not warm - which made me think it wasn't heating up. How can I troubleshoot this problem?

Printer is about 16 months old. Light usage.

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  • This took me some time to find, and "the oracle" was of little assistance.  However, if you visit the following link:


    and search for

    "Clean the CTD sensor"

    The solution provided worked for me.

    If you still receive the error after trying this, open the side door (where the toner is) and hold the reset button down in the back until the unit turns off.  Then hold the continue and cancel buttons while releasing the reset button. The unit will flash all lights after about five seconds at which point you can release the buttons.  Then, close the door to the toner area.

    Viola, I hope.

  • I can not find "Reset button". There's nothing like that in inside of side door.  Would you kindly tell me where exactly that is? 

    Thank you.