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Dell 1320C Printer issues


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Dell 1320C Printer issues

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I have a Dell 1320C printer that has recently started having a problem. You are supposed to just be able to hit "print" from your PC, the printer starts its warm up cycle (Ready/Data light changes from orange to blinking green to steady green) and the document prints. Now, when you hit the "print" button on the PC the printer starts to warm up (Ready/Data light changes from Orange to flashing green) and hangs up with the "Ready/Data indicator flashing green. You then have to turn the printer off, then back on and while the indicator light is a steady green you can then print without a problem. Once the printer goes into the "sleep" mode, you then have to press the "Continue" button which starts the warm up cycle (orange to blinking Green to steady green) then you can print.

The printer will not "warm up" when you hit "print" from your PC.

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  • Oh boy, I love these "it used to work.... and now it doesn't" type problems. In my experience, this always...... usually...... is caused by a change made to the system, a settings change, an update...... something.

    1. What O/S are you using?
    2. is the printer connected via USB or Network cable?
    3. When did you notice this?
    4. Was anything done to your PC (updates, installed something new, drivers, etc) around the time you noticed this problem, no matter how insignificant it might seem?

    "the Llynster"

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  • 1. XP Pro

    2. USB

    3. Some time ago but I can't pin point a time

    4. I update my computer with the crucial updates for microsoft and thats about it. 

    I have had many printers in the past and they were never affected by an update of some sort but I guess it wouldn't surprise me. I guess i should unistall it and reinstall it and see if it works again?????

  • Yep, at this time that's all I can suggest. The printer still prints so we can't really treat it like it's broken.

    You can also try a Factory Default reset on the printer:
    1. Power OFF the printer and DISCONNECT any data cables.
    2. Open the side cover.
    3. While pressing the Continue and Cancel buttons at the same time, turn on the printer.
    4. CONTINUE to PRESS and HOLD the Continue and Cancel buttons until ALL the indicators are turned on, then release the two buttons.
    5. After the Continue, Error, and Ready/Data indicators go out, close the side cover.

    The printer will:
    * Initialize the non-volatile memory (NVM).
    * Restart
    * Prints the Printer Settings and Device Settings pages.

    CAUTION: DO NOT turn off the printer during this process or the printer will cease to function.

    "the Llynster"

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  • Worked for me

  • Hi

    My printer just shows the exclaimation mark flashing and now I have done the above the lights are all on but no lights are going out. Can you suggest something to try?

    Any help is much appreciated.


    Steve Pallis

    Dell 1320c user