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Having problems with the paper not being picked up out of the tray. instead it gets stuck and curled back at the paper pick up point and creates a jam. has anyone else encountered similar problems and were you able to correct them?

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  • I have this same problem now with three sepearate Dell 1700N Laser Printers.  Printer will print fine from the manual front feed, with and without the back door open.  Paper will not feed from main tray.  I tried to print with the the tray full with paper and then tried with the tray almost empty, same results.  A few times the paper will curl at the pick up point, some times it won't get that far.  The error light that lights up when it curls is "paper jam."  The error light that lights up when it doesn't curl is "load/remove paper".  I am still looking for a resolution as I have three printers failing to print in a business setting and it is severely hampering my productivity in the office.  On one of the printers, the problem got progressivley worse over time.  During the beginning stages of the problem, printing was sometimes successfull by keeping only about 10 or so pages in tray, where a full tray would fail.  Now however, all print jobs fail.  Please help??

  • Have you ever cleaned the feed rollers? This commonly overlooked item of simple maintenance can help resolve many paper feed/jam issues.

    Since you've already indicated the Manual feed works fine, the main tray feed roller tires are probably real dirty.

    Try these steps:
    1. Pull out the paper tray and examine the front inside edge. It should be a steep slope with 4 to 6 metal "guide-ramps" positioned along the inside edge. These metal guide-ramps must not have any burrs, cuts, or jagged edges.
    2. Next, pull the toner/drum cart from the printer and set it in a flat darkened location. (that green drum is sensitive to bright lights)
    4. Next, Power off the printer and remove the data and power cables.
    5. Next, flip the printer up onto its back so you can view the area where the paper tray WAS.
    6. Next, you should see an assembly that looks like a "T". A gear should be seen in the top center and on each end of the T, a rubber wheel. Pull the top arm of the T out towards you and examine the hub of each wheel. There will be a clip on each end of the shaft that when pressed inward to the shaft center will allow you to slide the entire feed roller (hub and tire) from the end of the shaft. Remove both feed rollers.
    (obtw, the T is spring-loaded and when released, should snap back into position)
    7. Next, using warm water and a mild soap solution (never alcohol), wash the grime from the rubber tire surfaces then clean again with just a water dampened rag (get all soap residue off !). Completely dry both feed rollers. Dry with a lint free rag..... old clean tee-shirt works good for all cleaning and drying tasks.
    8. Next, Reverse the steps from 6 up to re-install the feed rollers .....

    While you have the printer up on its back, examine the slot where the paper must travel out of the tray and up into the printer. It should not have any remnant pieces of paper or labels or "other" things jammed in there.

    "the Llynster"

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  • Lynster,  Thanks for the seem to be knowledeable on this subject.  I did see this post on another thread, and yes I cleaned the rollers on two of the printer. 

    The cleaning of the rollers seemed to solve the problem on one of the printers, the one where it wasn't picking up the paper.

    However on the other printer, cleaning the rollers did not work.  On this printer the paper would pick up and start to feed, but report a jam and stop.  After opening the back of the printer it seemed to be about 2 inches or so past the deck and stop.  This happens consitently.  I read other posts about replacing some fuser or something in this exit area, but can't seem to identify anthing broken or missing.  I will also say eventually after it has failed a number of times opening, clearing the paper and hitting the continue button, it becomes unresponsive.  It will not continue to try to feed the paper and just go to the Paper Jam code.  I then have to open the printer, remove the cartridge, re-install cartridge, and close it up and hit continue, and it wil try again.

    I am really wasting my time a bit by trying to diagnose these printer, but feel like they could be repaired.  do you think I should bring it to a local repair shop to have them take a look at it or are my symptons telling me to replace this one printer.  Can I get part if needed?

    Also, am I correct in assuming that the little light weight switch on the printer bed (visible when you pull the ink cartridge out) is on a timer block and monitoring the paper passing through the machine?  Please help.


  • i had this problem and it wouldn't pick up any type paper. try this. turn the printer over and look at the roller that picks up the paper. i took the rubber sleeve off and turned it inside out then slid it back on the rooler. i haven't had a problem since.


  • Hey Luke,

    So, it sounds like cleaning the rollers did fix one of the machines, correct? (BTW, turning the roller tires inside-out is not a permanent fix as the texture of the rubber is different)

    The problem you describe on the 2nd printer sounds  to me like the Fuser Exit Sensor may be defective. As you look at the printer with the back door open, inside near the long rollers on the right side (as viewed from rear), there should be a sensor that has what you called a "little light weight switch". Sometimes this will get clogged with paper dust and sometimes the little plastic arm can become dislodged or broken, rendering the sensor inoperative. From what you describe, this is where I'd look first. The P/N of the fuser is H4919 (for the USA)

    To quote:
    "......the little light weight switch on the printer bed (visible when you pull the ink cartridge out) is on a timer block and monitoring the paper passing through the machine"
    This is very similar to the sensor used in the fuser exit area. The piece you see sticking up is a swivel arm, the bottom of the arm blocks or unblocks an infrared light that shines into a photo-receptor, depending on the position of arm. When the paper passes over the arm, it's pushed down, the light path is unblocked..... signaling the printer controller that the Leading Edge of the paper has transitioned across this point. Usually, the paper is long enough (Letter size) that the Leading Edge of the page will press down the Fuser Exit Sensor before the Trailing Edge of the paper allows the sensor arm of the first sensor to flip back up. As you can see, paper motion thru the printer is carefully monitored and when a JAM occurs, the combination of what switch, in what position, tells the operator where the jam occurred.

    Next time you have a jam (sounds like it's consistent), press the continue button twice quickly to see the secondary error code. This will tell us where in the paper path the error occurred.

    "the Llynster"

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  • I have the same problem with the dell laser 1700.

    These steps didn't work. Apparently the rollers spinning but not reaching the paper.

    Seems like they'er not dropping down.

    Cindy ~ Lou