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Problems with Dell Printer 926


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Problems with Dell Printer 926

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I am having some issues with my Dell printer 926.  The other day I went to print two sided but one of two things happens.  One it prints each page(not two sided) only one sided.  I made sure I set it for two sided and hit apply, but it still spit it out one sided.  Then it will freeze up on me and tell me I have a document pending, but when I try to cancel it, it doesn't.  I ended up shutting down my computer and rebotting it. The second time I tried to get it print two sided it printed out page 1, 3, 5, which is great, but when I reinserted the papers the printer said to press the check symbol button to continue printing.  I did this, but nothing happens.  It freezes up again and says one document pending.  I have removed this printer and reinstalled it more than once.  It works well for a while, but eventually this happens again.  I am a little frustrasted and at this point I am really disappointed with this printer.  My previous printer was a Lexmark which gave me no problems at all, but unfortunately it was not compatible with Windows Vista.

Window Vista Home preminum 2007

Model: Ispiron 9400

System type 32 bit operating system

Dell all in one printer 926.

If you need any more information please let me know.


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  • rmatorrey,


    If your printer does NOT have duplex printing, you may have to re-insert each page to have it print on both sides. I have a 964 printer and I usually remove the paper from the printer and insert 1 page at a time, when I'm trying to print on both side of the paper.


    I couldn't find anything in the manual on whether this printer has duplex printing or not.





    What is a Dell Service Tag and how do I locate it? 

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  • Hi,

    My printer does have duplex printing.  I have done exactly what you said you have done.  I have taken the pages that already printed and turned them over and reinserted them back in.  On the copier it tells me to press the check button.  When I do this however it doesn't do anything it just freezes up.  When I put my cursor over the copier icon it says I have one document pending, but like I said nothing happens.  It just says it is printing, but it never prints. 

  • I have the same problem with the "printer" freezing up. It only freezes up when printing two sided and seems to be more frequent with N-Up print jobs (multiple pages per sheet).

    The problem is with the Dell Print Status window not the printer. You'll notice that the progress bar stops updating well before the 50% mark and the dialog never shows up telling you how to re-insert the paper and allowing you to continue. Also, when you open task manager, right-click on the Printing Status application, and choose goto processs, you'll see that Printing Status processes (dlbtjswx.exe) CPU usage is maxing out a virtual CPU.

    The work around is to re-insert the paper, end the Printing Status (dlbtjswx.exe) process in task manager, and then, if needed, press the check symbol button on the printer.

    Alternatively, you can try disabling the Printing Status window by default in the 926 Printing Preferences: Advanced tab: More Options button: Printing Status choices. I prefer to leave the status window on because some print jobs require you to flip the paper differently.