Hi y'all

I just purchased a second-hand Dell 3010cn. After installing four new toner cartridges amd loading some paper, I tried printing a one page document. It claimed it had a "Paper Jam Reg 075-134" and then "Open Reg Cover and Check MPF". After repeatedly checking everywhere I could imagine for a paper jam, I found nothing. Nevertheless, every time I try to print it repeats the same error. I watched as it tried to print and it seemingly made no attempt to get any paper from the MPF (Multi-Purpose Feeder). I don't have the original paper manual, only the HTML downloaded version. There are three things I can think of...

1. I am not loading the paper properly.

2. I have not selected the correct type of paper. (I chose 'plain1')

2. The printer is simply broken and I should return it.

I can't think of anything else. Can anyone help me?

-Thanks in advance.