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Dell 720 Printer driver for 64-bit Vista


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Dell 720 Printer driver for 64-bit Vista

  • I have a Dell 720 Printer that I've had for several years and just bought a new laptop that has 64-bit Vista installed. I no longer have the CD that came with the printer, so I went online to download the drivers.


    All Dell lists on their website is a version for 32-bit Vista. I tried it anyway, but it did not work. However, I have read on other forums about a different driver (file name R148368.exe) and was wondering if it might work. Dell does not list it, but does anyone have a copy?


    Or, are there any other suggestions before I start looking for a new printer?



  • tckaye41:


    I've been battling this, too, but I'm trying to access the printer (connected to an XP desktop) from my Vista desktop, via our network.  That's not working for me, yet, but the printer DID work when directly connected to the Vista machine via USB with the following driver installed:



    I got that link off another (non-Dell) forum, but I've not found a way to it by searching the Dell site. I think I had the driver installed, then plugged in the USB, but you know, I did so many different things while trying to get this working!  Connecting the printer directly was sort of a last-resort to see if the driver worked at all.  But as soon as I plugged in the USB cord, Vista finished up the rest of it and I could print a test page with no problem, so obviously it did.


    I think this link will get you to my entire thread, though most of it doesn't seem to apply to your situation:


    I hope this helps.  Good luck!






  • It worked!


    Thank you so much!! Now I just need to find some ink...