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  • Write to them..... in Round Rock, Texas. I don't know the zipcode though at this typing....



  • One Dell Way

    Mail Stop 8129

    Round Rock TX 78682


    What is a Dell Service Tag and how do I locate it? 

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  • You can send a letter to that address, but i have NEVER heard of anyone getting a response from that address, much less resolving anything.
    Try the Unresolved Issues link below. It works well for most people.

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  • If you have an E-mail address use that. When they answer, their supervisiors address will be included. work you way up the chain. Thats what I did and on the third level a nice lady called and apologized for the mistake and said my replacement would ship that day. It did.

  • hrova wrote:
    You can send a letter to that address, but i have NEVER heard of anyone getting a response from that address

    Actually that was the case with me too when I wrote to them about 7 years ago with a highly complimentary letter of praise regarding my very first Dell purchase.  Beautifully written, and it took me over an hour to type because I can only use one finger on a keyboard. Well, I never recieved a reply.....  But that's kind of long forgotten now and it doesn't really bug me as much as it used to.


    However for the life of me, I just can't see why there seems to be some kind of "shield of obscurity" or "invisible dome" placed over Round Rock, Texas. There's proof of that over and over and over again here on many posts and comments within the forum.


    Believe me if I were head of a large company like that, customer satisfaction and customer interaction would be my number one priority; not just counting profits and hiring the least expensive labor you can find half-way around the world from where corporate management is located.


    Does anyone have any clue why this mysterious shield of obscurity exists ? 


    (to enlighten and learn; this is not a slam or negative comment from me):smileyhappy:

  • Address......Mail Stop.....self explanatory. Today's bussiness world is cost driven. The promises for complaint resolution you get from Dell or any other Company today is like a Politician's word..Empty.


    They aim more to lower cost and just give lip service to any real problem. Just the way it is today.

  • I'll be darned...   I heard the word "mail stop" before, but never gave it any thought about what it means.


    I guess I know now, lol....:smileyindifferent:

  • A mail stop is sort of like a street would be in a residential address. Round rock has about eight huge buildings and a whole bunch of people working in each one. Mail stops route the mail to the correct building and tells the mail room the area the person works in.


    The unresolved issue link is provided for the sole purpose of addressing issue that have not been resolved by normal channels.

  • tommyo1954 wrote:


    Does anyone have any clue why this mysterious shield of obscurity exists ? 


    (to enlighten and learn; this is not a slam or negative comment from me):smileyhappy:

    There is no shield of obscurity that I'm aware of, we probably get tons of mail but I don't work in any of the areas that do that so I have no idea how it's handled. When I worked in tech support our mail guy pushed around one of those four wheel flat carts stacked about two to five feet with mail and packages just for our little corner of the world.

  • Thanks Jimmy for the reply. I was curious because when I wrote them a nice letter of praise about 8 years ago, I never recieved any reply at all... nothing. Took me quite a while to type it too, lol.. I can only type with one finger.


    Then there are other posts too where somebody wrote to Dell, and they never recieved any answer neither.

    But with them getting so many pieces of mail, maybe it's a full time job to tend to it all...


    So I kind of threw the "shield over Round Rock" as kind of a half-joke type thing...  Figred it might get a few smiles....:smileyhappy:

  • Please let me know as well.I am going on 2 months now with Dell having my sons laptop that I am still paying (almost $2,000.00)on that I got for his birthday.I am at the point where I am going to be like the women that put the suit on BEST BUY for 54 million to get someones attention and get my issuses resolved.I never get called back and when they do they tell me my computer is loss and they want to send me a new updated one but can not send me anything on what they want to send me and then the next day they call say they are closing my case and return my money that I had paid for the computer, sorry but no heck no.This was a present to my son for his birthday.I have wrote every name and ID# for everyone I have spoke with and made all my calls for my cell so that I have a record of every call to Dell and the 3 calls back from Dell on this case.I am at my end with this one.I need to speak with someone that can speak clearly so that I will not have to go as far as the other lady has,I just want to know in writing what I will be getting if I would agree to letting Dell send me a different laptop and that I am getting everything that I had paid for and am still paying for.What makes me more mad then anything if I were to miss a payment I would be chargered late fees and they would be blowning my phone up calling for payment.I have not missing a payment and oh how I would just like not to pay but if I do that Dell would wins and my credit goes bad.I have spoke with a few lawyers already.So if anyone has infor to how I can get in touched with MR.DELL please let me know.
  • What happens when they do an exchange is they try to match what you have as close as possible with a refurbished system. If the can't find a match that is close (as good or better) then they build a new system matching the specs of the old one.
  • This is not an exchange thank you, this laptop is just a year old and this laptop was right at 2,000.00 dollars that I am still paying on and when I sent it out to be fix to DELL I never seen it again. DELL called me with I am not sure where you laptop is, but we can send you a upgrade system of what you had or refund your money.I best not even get a refurbished system back.
  • Send me the service tag number or the case number in a private message (Please don't put your service tag or any other personal information in a post) and I'll see if I can figure out whats going on with it.