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Dell 1100 Printer; Paper feed won't pull; No jam


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Dell 1100 Printer; Paper feed won't pull; No jam

  • My Dell 1100 printer won't pull paper into the printer. I have done the following to solve this, but without any results.


    --Followed instructions on on-line self help tree

    --Verified no jams

    --Powered off printer 10+ sec

    --Rebooted XP Home PC

    --Verified not too much or too little paper and that papers is not crumpled

    --Power light goes on, sounds like it is going to print, spins...then yellow LED light comes on.


    Any suggestions?  Thanks,

  • Please don't laugh, this worked for others.



    Disconnect all cables to printer. Hold it upside down and shake it real hard for 30 seconds. this will clear anything stuck inside the printer.


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  • Lol .. This so totally worked. Thanks!

  • Oh my god. I can't believe this actually worked on mine too! Thanks to whomever realized that shaking was the answer to everything!

  • I am DUMBFOUNDED, too!!! It worked!!!

    Thank you, very much!

  • I'm glad it worked for you, and others, but it didn't work for me.

  • Lol, Rick - you are true rockstar!

    This worked for me too.   :)

  • I took out the toner, taped down the top paper feed and shook like mad.  

  • THIS IS INSANE! It actually worked for me too!

    I troubleshooted a long time thinking it was an issue either with windows 8 or some formatting in the word document, as all the previous documents worked, and I even managed to print a test page while trying to print the faulty document. I tried shaking it thinking "why the hell not" - and it worked.

    I almost can't believe it.

  • I have had multiple 1100s that haven't worked. I finally Googled it and ended up here.

    It works. I couldn't believe it. Such a simple solution to what was a problem.


  • Excellent solutiion. Worked in two shakes of a Dell's tail!

  • I cant believe it worked!  Shook it twice and it prints fine now.  I was literally about to buy another printer.