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3100cn Unable to close Reg Cover

  • I had a paper jam message prompting me to open all covers and remove jam. I didn't find a paper jam, but I am now unable to close the "reg cover" on the back. This is the cover exposed when the duplex device is removed. If I force it closed and hold it in tight, the message to "close reg cover 077-301" goes away, but it is not latching closed. What is holding this open, and how do I resolve it? Thanks.
  • Finally identified what Dell calls this door (inner rear cover) and identified a solution from an old post. Here: Lean the printer over on it's front. Then the rear cover will close and latch as it should. There is some flap that is not flapping right. This corrects it. Thanks for reading.
  • We've also experienced this and you can usually resolve it by pushing the cover slightly to the left (as you look at the front of the printer) as you close it.  Will bear in mind the tilting next time I have one!