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Dell 5310 Printer 920.06 Message


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Dell 5310 Printer 920.06 Message

  • On my Dell 5310 Printer, I'm receiving 920.06 Message
    920.06 Service Fuser Error.
    What is this and how do I fix it?
  • for the Dell 5310n printer I get the following error "920.06 Service fuser error". What do I do to fix this error? The printer is government property and is in our military office and needs to be fixed. Our supply section can order the part. We need to know the part number with instructions on how to install as we have no contract repair service available at this time.

  • Hello Rick,

    Thank you for posting to the forum. The error relates to the fuser not reaching the proper temperature so as to bind the toner to the paper. The likely failure points are either the fuser or low voltage power supply. If you require further assistance, please contact 800-822-8965 and follow the prompts.

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