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computer not communicating with printer,WILL NOT print


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computer not communicating with printer,WILL NOT print

  • Hi guys, jupitor here, I,m nearly there with this issue, printer is installed but still will not print due to this stupid communication problem. I need to know how to get the printer and computer communicating so i can start printing., the printer is a dell 725 color printer, the computer is a dell inspiron 16400\E1505., I am running Windows XP Home edition.
    I have tried numerous solutions, ie , well, too numerous to mention (all the one,s that every one says to do) and the end result is, Printer not communicating with computer, computer not communicating with printer, I,m starting to bore myself now, this problem has been going on for so long, So, how do i get them to communicate? ... I also have a Canon pixma ip2000 photo printer which would help me a lot with my work, if only i could solve this issue.
    I,m relying on you brainy people out there to help me.
    You can E.mail me on and\or post on the printer board.
  • checkout the antivirus software that u have got.......mcafee or norton or whatever..


    keep the printers and faxes window open where u have your 725 printer name listed..while that window is open [check whether the printer says Ready & online - which it shud when printer is connected and powered on.....simply disocnnect the printer cable from the back of the printer and see wht happens in that expected - the printer name shud go faint and say OFFLINE- if this is happening-it just shows that software is working fine...if thats not changing even when u disconnect the printer..then u may have to reinstall the software because it might not have been installed correctly in the first place.

    firewalls sometimes block the printer applications... check out the firewall / antivirus program that u have..

    firewall will have something like program exceptions-thats where it keeps a list of all the allowed programs and blocked programs... each program has info about where its location is [ for e.g ---- a dell printer application listed there will have location = C:\program files\dell 725 [whatever\ APPLICATION.exe..................

    check whether they r blocked or not...

    read this post by me which is for communication errors:

    do reply here what happened..thanks!
  • Jupitor
    See my post entitled "Dell printer won't connect after driver update" for a possible cure.
  • i have a message saying ... driver not installed error code 28 , im having trouble installing it etc
  • this is what says about error code says about error code 28:

    Code 28
    The drivers for this device are not installed (Code 28).

    To reinstall the drivers for this device, click Reinstall Driver

    Solution button: Reinstall Driver

    This code means the device was not installed completely.

    To resolve this issue, follow the recommended solution. If that does not work, try removing the device from Device Manager and using the Add New Hardware wizard to redetect it. You may need to obtain updated drivers if the error still occurs. friend ... u might be missing out on something.
    uninstall the drivers using the cd that u have got.....or from all programs -> dell printers -> 725 printer -> uninstall......the wizard should ask you to disconnect the usb cable before proceeding with the uninstallation. please do that... after the uninstallation it asks you to restart the computer. do that.


    when computer comes back ON the setup file for the drivers once again.

    during the asks you to " connect the USB cable " - thats your cue to do it. connect the usb cable.

    no what happens is the installation of the dell software continues....but aslo XP detects the printer and tries to install drivers of its own....ignor the balloon popups at the lower right corner of the monitor. and dont clik on anything thats shown on the screen by XP... let the dell software do its stuff.


    open device manager ------ [right My Computer -> Properties -> "Hardware" Tab -> clik on "Device Manager "
    in the device manager window... under the category "Imaging Devices"-- look for your printer name 725...the printer name should not have any question marks or any ! mark beside it--if it does it just shows that the drivers havent been properly installed.
    ALSO... the printer name 725 should be listed ONLY under imaging devices and no place else there.

    please reply here as to what happened. thanks!
  • Hello, thanks for your detailed reply, much appriciated, i am busy for a while but i will review it soon, once again, thank you.
  • To, m a rem, thanks for all the work you put in to helping me with my problem, still no joy, i went to device manager the printer does have the explanation mark, can you tell me why it isnt installed properly and how do i fix this? also i am still getting .. incorrect port and printer not communicating with computer., any way to get round this ?  I would of got back to you sooner but trying to fix these issues has drained me, feeling a bit knackered, plus i,ve got a cold etc etc,  hope things are well with you, jupitor. 
  • To Garetiree, just to say thank you for your reply to my problem, i will look in to your post on the printers forum, sorry this reply has taken so long,   Jupitor.
  • I'm having a similar problem with the exception that there is no exclamation mark, but my printer that won't print is listed in 2 places in the device manager under imaging devices and also under IEEE 1284.4 compatible printer. How do I remove it from that place if that's whats causing it not to print? My operating system is Vista. My printer is a HP photosmart C4480. The printer show it's there and enabled with a green checkmark.

    Thanks for your time.