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Mac driver for Dell Colour Laser 1320c


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Mac driver for Dell Colour Laser 1320c

  • I know that Dell do not supply Mac drivers for the 1320c but I saw somewhere that Lexmark drivers can be used for some Dell printers to make them Mac compatible.  Does anyone know which Lexmark driver would work for OSX? Or is there another work-around?
  • Well, it's not Lexmark drivers you're looking for specifically. Depending on what version of OS X you are using you may not need to install any drivers. download any drivers. But we'll start with people using OS X 10.4:

    Download the driver for the DocuPrint C525 from here:

    Double click the icon to install after it downloads. When the install is finished you can delete the installer.
    From the Apple menu open System Preferences and select Print & Fax.

    Click the + to add a printer.

    Select IP Printer.
    Select for the Protocol: Line Printer Daemon - LPD

    Type the IP address: or whatever it happens to be assigned on your network. You may need a Windows machine to configure an IP address OR you can look at your routers DHCP table for where it was assigned. After you know this you can actually log into the printer from your web browser to change any settings. 
    Name the printer “color laser” or whatever you’d like it to be.
    For Print Using select: FX
    Next select FX DocumPrint C525 A-AP v1.2 in the box below.
    On the next screen you must select 250 Sheet Feeder is as an option. Otherwise it will only manual feed.
    Click Ok.


    Print something.


    Paper Source is not automatically selected on this printer. It won’t print unless you set it. This is found in the printer options called Printer Features. The paper should menu should be set to Auto or 250 Sheet Feeder. 
    Do a Save As… for the Printer Profile. So you don’t have to check this every time the set that Profile as the Default. 


    The steps for OS X 10.5 are nearly the same. The difference is that you don’t have to download the driver from the website.

  • Much appreciated.  I will try that out.

  • I installed the Dell printer on a Mac Powerbook using these instructions and routed it via my wireless print server.  It worked perfectly even though my system is OSX 10.3.9


    Thanks, cleveragency.


  • I´m trying to install on my system via Airport express, my os is 10.5.5. Tried this solution, but software want install on my system. Anybody know what to do.



    Best regards



  • Your Airport Express is a Network small Nat router type of device. You have to port forward (allow) IPs from outside it's internal network to get to a device inside the device. That is called Port Forwarding. Here is Apple's "Well Known" TCP and UDP Ports Used By Apple Software Products document.


    Without knowing much more about AE (I use a LinkSys Router), I cannot walk you through all of the steps, but hopefully this will point you in the right direction. Google port forwarding and static IPs for Apple Airport Express. You're bound to find more than any Dell support forum.


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  • Thanks a lot.

    I´l try to connect using a USB cable and see whats happening then





  • Clever:

    Thanks! The built-in "FX" drivers worked. I was trying the OS X Postscript and Dell 1320 drivers to no avail. You saved the day.

  • Hi Guys, I had trouble doing this using OS X Lion 10.7.2. When I went to print, the printer light would come on as if it received the print command, but nothing. Anyone know what the fix is?

    Would appreciate it!