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1320c printing grey instead of black - RESOLVED


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1320c printing grey instead of black - RESOLVED

  • I have a two month old 1320c laser that's printed around 1000 pages of mainly black text fine, but recently the printout is going grey instead of black.

    The toner is a new genuine Dell cartridge. Every other colour works fine. The grey is coming out perfectly uniform, instead of patchy or uneven as you'd expect if the toner was running out or something was blocked.

    I've given the relevant bits of the printer a blast with compressed air to make sure there's no blockage, and gone through the troubleshooting steps in the manual, but nothing has changed. Any ideas? Is it likely to just be a faulty cartridge?

    More info: after running a 4 colour block test from the toolbox, the black gets gradually darker until 80%, and then 80, 90, and 100% are all the same darkness. Have run through all the refresh modes as well, but still no change.

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  • Having the same problem. Flashed to latest firmware, no change. Prints black as grey even on internal test pages. Help!
  • Same problem for me.  Starter cartridge ran out so I put in a new Dell black cartridge, now I can only get a moderate, even gray color instead of dark black...
  • Further update: have borrowed another cartridge that's known to work - no change in output quality.
    Quality is becoming progressively worse, with everything above 40% on the 4 colour test sheet looking the same. All other colours are still perfect.
    Flashed firmware and updated software again to the latest revision - no change.
    I've logged a support call with Dell.. hopefully they'll sort it out.
  • SOLUTION: after checking every setting in the toolbox was the default, I wondered if the printer was out of sync with the toolbox settings. Ran a reset default settings (Toolbox -> Printer Maintenance -> Reset defaults) and restarted, and printing is now fine again.
    All settings are as they were before resetting. Firmware bug perhaps?
  • I tried this suggestion and it didn't help.

    I have clean uninstalled drivers and software.  Installed fesh from original CD but the same issue.

    Clean uninstalled again and installed freash with downloaded software, drivers and and firemware updates and same problem.

    Frustrating but I am not giving up!  any one with any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    This printer was working fine for months.  Changed the black toner to new one.  Dell OEM cartridge,   It was never the same after putting in the new cart.

    Maybe that has something to do with it.  Can cartridge electronincs effect the firmware somehow?  

    This printing in grey happens even if I install the printer USB to different computers.  So its got to be firmware of something in the printer.

    Thanks, Bob

  • Did you pull all EIGHT (8) sealing ribbons from the PHD unit during first setup and installation? (4 in front, 4 in rear)

    This is the most common cause of what you're experiencing...... failing to follow the setup instructions..... exactly. The above image was "lifted" from the big newspaper size setup sheet which is the first thing seen when you open the printer box. There's also a very good setup instructional video on the CD.

    If the 4 rear ribbons are still installed, remove them and print about 20-30 pages. If the print is still faint, you've ruined the PHD unit and you'll need a new one, Dell P/N DT574

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  • Yeah I found that in the help also.  Thanks for your reply.  I ordered one just to replace.  Figured it has to be something with the printer not driver related.  Spent 129 on fuser and now 99 on PHD just about what we paid for the printer.  Hopefully that does it.   The printer was working fine until I replaced the black toner cartridge.  Never touched the PHD unit.  

    Thanks, Bob

  • Hi , was hoping you could tell me if  you resolved the problems you had with your Dell 1320C. I have had the same sort of problem, and ended up having to buy a new printer because the warranty for the printer was only 1 year, whereas the toner has a 5 year warranty! My dell problem was that after just 2500 copies, the black and colour printout became faint on the left hand side of the print-out. I have tried everything that you have tried but it doesn't improve. I also failed to find a Dell service manual ( not operator manual but full service manual anywhere) which makes me think these printers are assembled under another name and then branded Dell.

    Cheers, Brian

  • Well -- this seems to be a problem for many people.  I have also now run into this issue.

    Below is not a fix -- but it does work --

    I have found that you need to print a very large job -- like 100 or more pages.  In the middle of that large job, the printer will stop and do a re-set.  After he does the re-set, the page will come out black again.

    I know this wastes about 75 or more pages of text -- however, since I it does not matter whether you are using the expensive or cheap cartridges -- it really does not matter to me.

    So my recommendation -- buy the cheaper black cartridges (I have seen them as cheap as US$14.  When the gray starts -- setup a large full page of text -- 100 page print job.  Let it go.  The printer will stop somewhere around 50-75 pages -- will re-set itself -- and the pages will begin to be black again.

    I have been able to re-create this at least a dozen times.  Still have only use 3 or 4 cartridges in the process.

    Not the best solution -- but until Dell gives us update firmware or another fix -- this will work.

     (Don't forget -- it does not matter if you get the real expensive or cheap cartridge -- it happens with both!)

    SIgn me -- A printing fool in Las Vegas. 

  • Does indeed work. Thanks!

    Printing a 100 page document did solve my "black printing as gray" problem.

  • Hi, yes this resolved my printing problem as well. I just ran a print off with text on the 'back' of paper that was appropriate to my business, and reloaded paper, so not to waste it. I love this printer, but was being driven mad my this issue - thanks for tip. All works fine again :-)  DELL can we sort a firmware fix, there is obviously an issue??

  • Short lived fix !! - soon went grey again and now colours also washed as well. I have found cleaning CTD and color registaration adjustment seems to have worked - link here:

    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

    Hope this helps others

  • None of the above seems to give a "permanent" fix to the fading black print. Anyway I'm happy to print lightly in black and white for most prints as it saves on toner.

    AND, if I require a darker copy, I simply go to DELL TOOLBOX... Printer Maintenance... Adjust Altitude... and set it to 3000m. Then I set it back to 0m for general printing.

    Unfortunately I also have the fading down the left side of the print and nothing seems to work... except Adjust Altitude = 3000m does minimize the problem and make it "readable". It's because of this fading down the LHS that I can no longer use the "draft" mode as the print on the LHS becomes invisible !!!!


  • Worked for me - I printed about 130 pages of thick black 18 point text and my normally trusty 1320c is now back to its former glory.  Thanks to pyz0123 for the solution / temporary workaround.