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1710n, reset to factory default

  • Hello All,
    Does anyone know how to reset the 1710n laser printer to factory default setting?
    Thank you!
  • If you find the answer, can you send me a message. I just posted the same question. I had it all setup on my home network and somehow I disabled DHCP and now I can not even connect. Only way is thru usb. Thanks, jason :)
  • Here is your solution! You have to reset the NVRAM. You can do this by following the below procedure: 1. Turn off the printer 2. Open the front cover. 3. While the Continue and Cancel buttons are depressed, turn the printer on. 4. When the error LED on the control panel is lit solid, close the cover. I literally spent 2 nights trying to solve this issue! There is really nothing much posted for this. Enjoy and hopefully you have already figured this out by now. Jason :)