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Dell All-In-One Printer scanning problems


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Dell All-In-One Printer scanning problems

  • I have had horrible problems with my Dell All In One scanner.  It prints just fine, but when ever I try to scan things it is a major pain.  I can usually scan one or two items then I start getting the error message telling me to check my usb cable or make sure the printer is turned on, etc...  I follow all the trouble shooting in the manual and NOTHING works.  The usb cable does not get unplugged and I've changed the setting on the usb root entries to not turn off for power saving, the power is not turned off on the printer, rebooting repeatedly does not help.  I wish I would have returned this when it first happened.  The only way it will work again is possibly if I wait a week or up to a month and then suddenly it is working again.  Any one have any ideas about what is wrong with this??
  • Try the following procedure to get the scanner to work. I don't know what printer you have but this was done for a 966. If you will look the same folder but with your printer number it should help.

    1.      Click on the start.

    2.      Type in "system" in the start search.

    3.      Click on the advanced system settings.

    4.      Click on settings button under the "Performance" section.

    5.      Click on the tab that says "Data Execution Prevention."

    6.      Check the box that says "Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select: "

    7.      Click on ADD

    8.      Browse to c:\program files\dell AIO printer 966\

          *****(Use your printer number in this step)*****

    9.      Select the aioc.exe and choose add.

    10.  Similarly do so for device monitor and all other printer related executable files.

    11.  Restart the computer. After doing so, I was able to scan from the scanners and camera wizard, dell AIO center and also MS Paint. 

  • That worked for about a day, now I'm back to not being able to scan and getting the error message to make sure printer is powered on, check cables, etc...
  • Doesn't work for the A920 either.  Where is the solution?
  • I am having the same issue with my printer I got here a dell 946 all in one
    it will copy fine and print however it will not scan
    I asked if this printer would work on the vista I just got and i was told yes, however I can not figure out why it will not scan
    during a scan the program stops responding
  • I don't think this has anything to do with you using Vista, I have XP and it still has the same problems.  I tried the little suggestion listed above and it worked for about a day then it went right back to the same thing.  Might not have even been the fact I did what they suggested that got it to work since it's always been like this, works sometimes for a day then it won't work for weeks then I'll try one day and it works then it stops for a while again. Super frustrating! I really needed a scanner so I bought this thinking it would save space (all in one) but it's junk! I still need a scanner than I can rely on.  I hope someone answers with the solution soon. I think we may need to repost.
  • Yesterday morning , I contacted dell connect and they fixed my problems, so mine is working fine now
    Good Luck to you.
    I know how you feel not be able to do what is needed on the all in one.
    Have a Great day
  • How did you fix yours?  I'd like to try whatever they told you.  I can't call my warranty time is over, i think it was only a year.  I wish I would have called the first time it happened but a few weeks later it just started working then of course ever since then it's been off and on....
  • I have no idea what they did , I used the dell connect where I let them access my computer
    I know they had to keep installing and reinstalling the software
    they worked on the issue for about hour or more till they fixed it.
    I am so sorry I can not be of help , but they did it all I did not have to do anything from my end
    maybe you can use dell connect . for technical support, as this is what it would be considered.
    you have to give them permission to take control of your pc ,
    again I am sorry but I have no idea what else they did as they did alot and i do not recall each thing they tried

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  • I can't use the technical help since I've had it longer than a year  :smileysad:
    Oh well, I can only hope reposting with uncover some info that will help.  I've uninstalled and reinstalled so many times.... 
    Thanks anyway.
    Glad your's works!
  • It seems there are many people who are looking for a VISTA version of the All-In-One ceneter software for the Dell printers A920, 922, 940 etc. Yet I have not seen a definite answer from dell if this software is available for VISTA.
    I downloadded the VISTA application for the AIO 922 from the Dell support site, but it is fax software only.
    Is there a VISTA version for the AIO Center?
  • I am having the same problem. I have uninstalled and reinstalled all the software and drivers I can think of. My printer A940 works fine, but I cannot get it to scan. I've tried to use dellconnect several times with a technician and it will not connect. Does my computer have to still be under warranty for the dellconnect to work? I just want my scanner to work. The Vista drivers don't work to install the AIOC but they work to drive me crazy!!!
    Any help would be appreciated.
  • I also wanted to mention that whenever I try to open the AIO Center, I get a Runtime error saying
    Program: C:\Program Files\Dell AIO Printer A940\DLBAaiox.exe
    This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
    And then tells me to contact the application's support team for more information. I have been trying to contact someone for 3 days that can help me with this issue. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions?
  • After previously downloading the Microsoft driver for the AIO922 printer which makes the printer print but not scan, I downloaded the Dell driver from the printer support site for VISTA. Even though it says driver, it is the complete AIO Center software and since then my AIO 922 works great. The only problem remaining, is that every time I boot up the PC, Microsoft ask me to install their driver. When I respond No, it starts with the install.
    Suggestion: Dell should rename the software from driver to AIO Center plus driver.
    Question: How do I get rid of the Microsoft message?
  • I have found a way to scan without actually using the All In One Center Software. Try this
    Click on Start-Click on All Programs-Click on Windows Photo Gallery-Click on File-Click on Import From Camera Or Scanner. In the next box, choose the printer (Dell 922 in this case), then click on Import. Place your photo or document on the flatbed in the scanner-Choose what Profile (Photo or Document). You can change this by clicking on the down arrow to the right. Click on Preview-resize the arrows around the picture from the top or bottom/left side or right side - then click on Scan.
    There you go..
    Happy Scanning!