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AIO 946 Scanning Problem


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AIO 946 Scanning Problem

  • Is anyone else having a problem scanning with the AIO 946?
    I just got a new DimensionE520 with VISTA amd the new printer.  It prints and copies, but won't scan.
  • Try the following procedure to get the scanner to work. This was done for a 966. If you will look the same folder but with your printer number it should help.

    1.      Click on the start.

    2.      Type in "system" in the start search.

    3.      Click on the advanced system settings.

    4.      Click on settings button under the "Performance" section.

    5.      Click on the tab that says "Data Execution Prevention."

    6.      Check the box that says "Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select: "

    7.      Click on ADD

    8.      Browse to c:\program files\dell AIO printer 966\

          *****(Use your printer number in this step)*****

    9.      Select the aioc.exe and choose add.

    10.  Similarly do so for device monitor and all other printer related executable files.

    11.  Restart the computer. After doing so, I was able to scan from the scanners and camera wizard, dell AIO center and also MS Paint. 

  • Hey- I also have a Dell 946 All-in-one and everything is working besides the scanner.  I have a E521 running Vista Home Premium and I'm experiencing the same problem as above.
    The solution you wrote did not work for me.  I was able to find the tab "Data Execution Prevention" but when I tried to ADD the aioc.exe in the C:\program files\dell AIO 946\ folder I was unable to locate the file.  There wasn't an executable file in that folder.  Please HELP!  I'm trying to scan pictures for my sister's wedding..
  • XenoMorph22,
    Sorry that solution did not work for you. I'm checking into this more and will post back when I have another options. In the mean time you may want to try and run the software in Compatibility Mode.
  • XenoMorph22,
    I need to get a bit more information from you:
    1. What happens when you try to scan?
    2. Are you using the All in One Center or are you trying to scan from the operator panel on the printer?
    3. Does it freeze with a progress indicator for the scanner give an error message?
    4. Are you using the USB ports in the back or the front? If the back move the connection to a front USB port and try again.
  • Hey thanks for the response..
    1) What happens when you try to scan?
    When I try to scan using the controls on the front of the printer nothing happens.  The start button does nothing in scan mode and when I select the option "Scan To" it attempts to download the applications but nothing happens after that.
    When I used Microsoft Document Imaging I would see the scanned material on the screen but right at the end it would give me an hardware error: something about an internal hardware error in the printer.  Somehow MS Document Imaging was uninstalled on my computer, I can no longer find it.
    2)Are you using the All in One Center or are you trying to scan from the operator panel on the printer?
    I downloaded and installed the most recent AIO drivers. 
    3)Does it freeze with a progress indicator for the scanner give an error message?
    Nope beside the error msg listed above
    4)Are you using the USB ports in the back or the front? If the back move the connection to a front USB port and try again.
    I moved them to the front USB.. still not working :-/
    thanks for your help!
  • Ditto on the problem of not being able to scan, while printing works.   I followed the set-up directions and downloaded from the web, but no icons for printers was installed on the Programs list.  I then uninstalled and used the disk which came with the computer and was able to install the All-in-one Center.  But the scan freezes up.  I am using Vista on an E520 Computer and a 946 Printer.  The computer has done an on-line search for the latest driver and it says that my driver date of October 2006 is the latest.
    I have gotten the scanner to start, but it freezes.  Any new suggestions?
    I was unable to locate the Data Prevention file, which was suggested.  Is that on Vista?
  • Yes I believe the Data Prevention feature is only on Vista machines.
  • So how do I find the data prevention file so I can check off what is needed?
  • Hosea49,
    Try this for fixing the Data Prevention error:

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  • XenoMorph22,
    Do you have the AIOC (All in one Center) installed?
  • Gina- I do have the Dell All-In-One drivers installed but I don't see any files to 'add' from the folder 'C:\program files\dell aio printer 946\ to the data prevention window.  Do you think I should uninstall and reinstall my drivers again?
  • Is there anyone else that might be able to help me?  I'm running out of time!
  • I had difficulty with my AIO 946 when I first got it.  It would print perfectly, but would not scan.  I deleted the printer through the remove software menu and through the management screen.  If you need help I can tell you how to do this.  I then unplugged the USB cable from my printer, rebooted the computer and lauched the driver R145315 that I had downloaded earlier.  It will ask for the USB cable to be plugged in and to turn on the printer.  At this time the driver that comes with the computer will also try to launch, but will be unsuccessful because the R145315 is already installing.  The pop-up in the lower tool bar will tell you that the printer did not install successfully, because this is the driver that comes on the computer, so this is fine.  At this point I was able to copy and scan from the AIO Center.  What is not working is the FAX feature from the AIO Center.  It works off the printer menu screen, but not the computer screen.  I can live with this, but Dell should not have sold me software that conflicts with Vista.  I am working through their resolution department now on this issue.  I hope this helps.  You can reach me at .
  • hey hosea-
    thanks a lot for your advice!  i'll be home again next weekend and I'll try out your resolution since the dell support hasn't been to great.  I'm real dissapointed dell would sell this printer, packaged with Vista, with such known problems and little resolution. 
    Thanks again hosea I'll let you know how things go.