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Paper Jam Problems with Dell 1700 Printer


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Paper Jam Problems with Dell 1700 Printer

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    I recommended and purchased 6 Dell 1700 Laser Printers.  Five out of six are having paper jam problems. It's so frustrating. I'm receiving calls from the clients.  I have checked all those printers. There is nothing obvious. Everything seems OK but paper will jam right at the intake. Sometimes, it printers will just keep on saying "load paper". Paper path is clean.  Was holding for the support for half an hour. No support person is available to take the call. Don't know what to do? Any suggestions? Why are these printers so bad? If Dell knows these issues with their product, then where is the corporate responsibilty? I hope someone from Dell is reading it.
    Please help.
    Thanks in advance. Sorry for venting a little bit.
  • This is a very common problem with 1700 series due to the pickup method. If its just not pulling the paper from the tray there is a fairly simple solution.

    Remove the paper tray from the printer completly.
    Turn the printer onto its side so you can see the base.
    You will be able to see 2 rubber rollers.

    Ok now what you need to do is remove the rubber from the rollers and turn it inside out. This is easily done as the rubber is nothing more than a rubber band.

    Now that has been done it give the tires more grip and will pull the paper with no problems.
  • I will try doing that and see if works. I have seen those rollers and "tires". If they are worn out, are the replacement rollers available?
  • They are not available to buy from part sales but tech support will be abale to supply you them. Should give you at least one set free of charge. They do in the UK anyway.
  • Hey There,

    Did you ever resolve this issue?

    Now my 1700 is doing the exact same thing.

    Thanks, kari1234

  • This worked great for me for a printer that hasn't been in use in months...frustrating...thanks for you help!!!

  • Wow, that is quite  a revelation... I'd think Dell would pay you more attention if you purchase 6 printers.... maybe this will solve my problem with Brother too! Just if I knew how to flip the rollers around!  Description about rollers dirty/worn causing paper jams here

  • I have to step in here..... flipping the feed roller tires around on the 17xx series is NOT recommended. Yes, you will get great performance.... for a short period of time (depending on usage). The texture of the inside surface of the "tire/tyre" is not the same as the outside surface. Use a magnifying glass.... you'll see what I mean.

    What should Dell pay attention to? Like your car, the owner/operator is responsible for some basic maintenance. Would you have a valid complaint with the  car manufacturer if your engine failed after 20k Miles/KM because you never changed the oil? I think not.

    However, I do believe that Dell should more clearly spell out these owner/operator tasks. Dell does NOT do a very good job in this area.

    Anyway, this commonly overlooked item of simple maintenance can help resolve many paper feed/jam issues.
    Basic steps:
    1. Pull out the paper tray and examine the front inside edge of the tray. It should be a steep slope with 4 to 6 metal "guide-ramps" positioned along the inside edge. These metal guide-ramps must not have any burrs, cuts, or jagged edges.
    2. Next, pull the toner/drum cart from the printer and set it in a flat darkened location. (that green drum is sensitive to bright lights)
    4. Next, Power off the printer and remove the data and power cables.
    5. Next, flip the printer up onto its back so you can view the area where the paper tray WAS.
    6. You should see an assembly that looks like a "T". A gear should be seen in the top center and on each end of the T, a rubber wheel. Pull the top arm of the T out towards you and examine the hub of each wheel. There will be a clip on each end of the shaft that when pressed inward to the shaft center will allow you to slide the entire feed roller (hub and tire) from the end of the shaft. Remove both feed rollers.

    (obtw, the "T" is spring-loaded and when released, should snap back into position)
    7. Next, using warm water and a mild soap solution (never alcohol), wash the grime from the rubber tire surfaces then clean again with plain water (get all soap residue off !). Completely dry both feed rollers. Dry with a lint free rag or pressurized air..... an old clean tee-shirt works good for all cleaning and drying tasks.
    8. Next, Reverse the steps from 6 up to re-install the feed rollers .....

    While you have the printer up on its back, examine the slot where the paper must travel out of the tray and up into the printer. It should not have any remnant pieces of paper or labels or "other" things jammed in there.

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  • I flipped the "tires" on a 1700 years age. I know its not the official solution but that part has worked fine since. About a year age there was another type of jam. The paper was being picked up but would not feed through the printer to complete the job. I discovered the problem. If you remove the toner cartridge and then the imaging drum. (Place the toner cartridge in dark. Apparently the green roller is sensitive to light.)  In the back of that chamber is a series of 13 plastic ribs. At the end of those ribs there is a small horizontal plastic bar. The leading edge of the paper was catching on that bar. I shaved that bar down with a utility blade so that it no longer created a lip for the paper to catch on. The paper now feeds through. I sure that is not the official solution, but the thing works.

  • Since we commercial "Quick Printers" run so many sheets through copiers and printers, we experience this regularly.  Your best bet is to purchase additional rollers to keep in stock - but that can be a pain and expensive.  If you do a google search you'll find sources for "rubber rejuvenator".  I've paid $11 for a pint that has lasted me for years - and we use it regularly on every printer, copier, fax machine, etc... that pulls paper.  Just plain works....

  • I tried the roller tire invert, and the problem continued.  I put the rubber tires back in the original configuration, removed these rollers and washed them with water and dishwashing soap.

    With the toner cartridge removed, I used compressed air to blow out all the dust and grit - outdoors.  I used vinegar/water solution on all other rollers I could find.

    Seems to have done the trick.

    I have been using this printer for ten years.  I think the dust layer inside just got too thick, and the rollers got some kind of build-up over time.  As a workhorse network printer, I love it.  My wife's iMac found a driver and prints to it no problem.