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3100cn getting 004-321 Reseat Drum Message


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3100cn getting 004-321 Reseat Drum Message

  • I keep getting the 004-321 error that tells me to restart the printer and reseat the drum. Seems like if I continue to do this for some period (varies every time I get the message) eventually it will allow me to use the printer again.
    Any idea what is going on here?
  • This error is definetly drum cartridge related. There are a few steps you can try to resolve the issue.

    First and foremost reseat the drum cartridge which going by your original post you have already done.

    Next you need to make sure you can see the silver square. To do this position the drum cartridge so that the blue drum is facing you and oriented towards the top. Position your thumbs just outside both sides of the blue drum and roll the blue drum up to to move the silver square on the belt just underneath the top foam. Now give the drum a quick clean with a soft lint free cloth.

    Make sure the IBT sensor is clean. Remove the drum cartidge and look inside the printer you will see a small cylinder shaped sensor on the left hand side. Make sure this is clean and not loose or damaged.

    Inspect the drum for physical damage as this is a big casue of the above error.

    If none of the above helps there is a few diagnostics that can be run on the sensors.
  • Burrelly,
    Thanks for the response. From your descirption I figured out what had happened. It appears that the belt slipped and the silver square was now too far over to be pickd up by the sensor. I had to take the top cover off of the Drum and I was able to roll the belt while I also pulled it to get it back on track.
    Obviously I am betting it is a defective drum and as I use it the belt will at some point slip back over and I will be back in the same spot.
    But for now I am back up running and do not have to dish out another $165 for a Drum when this drum, even though out of the original warranty should have plaenty of life left.

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  • Glad you are back up and running.
  • Hi

    I must say I very disappointed with Dell printers. They are poorly made with faults that are common and widespread.

    I have a DELL 3100cn, Dell 1320c and Dell 3010cn and every one has broken down before 5000 prints.

    The 3100cn now says drum reseat error, the 3010cn wont pick up the paper and the 1320c puts a blobs of yellow colour on the pages.

    I am so fed up with DELL that I will no longer purchase these printers again EVER.


  • I am getting the same error message after reseating the drum cartridge several times.

    Since reseating the cartridge does not seem to help, I thought I would try to adjust the silver square but I am not able to find the blue drum or the silver square. The only thing that I can see closely resembling the blue drum is a green cylinder that spans across the bottom of the cartridge. Is this the drum?

  • Burrelly & Mike,

    Thank you both very much for your posts about causes of and fixes for the "Reseat Drum" error. My 3100cn threw this at me yesterday. After removing the drum cover I found the same situation that Mike did: the belt had slipped too far to the left. While rotating the belt I pulled it back to the right so it was centered on the rollers and voila, the printer works again. Thanks so much for your help!

  • I just got the reseat drum message on my 1300cn with a 2-yr-old drum.  I leave my laser on most of the time.  I went out of town, turned printer off, and when I turned it back on I got the error.  I reseated the drum (took it out and back in).  Still error.  I've read above string about a looking for the belt on the drum and a silver square.  I cannot find any.  Is there a source for a photo what would show what this is supposed to look like.

  • Nevermind (I think).  I finally found the silver square, cleaned it and still a problem.  Found instructions for removing the top cover from the drum and did find that my belt had shifted over to the right.  I was able to correct it a litte, but it is still not centered.   However, the Reset Drum error has stopped for the time being.  Suppose I will need to order a new drum.  The original lasted about 5 years with my printing volume.  This one was only two years old. 

  • Thanks for this - fixed the problem.   step by step: Take the drum cartridge out to fhe printer and place it on newspaper or something soft in front of you so the drum (the blue thing) is down and away from you. Next remove the top cover by removing its side screws.  Caveat, remove from the right front to the back screws 1,3, 4 which is going to be front most, top and farthest away (the 2nd screw doesn't secure the top but holds an internal belt guide in place).  Screw 4 has a collar.  then pull 5, 7,8 (8 has a collar also).   after you pull the cover remove screw 2 and 6 with the roller guides.

    There is an 8" or so wide rubber belt inside, mine shifted left. Pull the belt toward you and to the right to move it back centered on the rollers (there is a little bit of overhang. Once you start moving the belt you'll see the silver sensor square he's talking about.  I cleaned it with some dry erase alcohol and an old cotton shirt... Put the thing back together and you should be off back  to the races.

    Thanks again!

  • I encountered this error before and i managed to deal with it by realigning the film roll on the Drum. Here are some steps that will help you out:

    • Take note of the two wheels on the outer side of the film reel
    • Take out the drum
    • Check both ends and locatel two little silver metal wheels at the ends
    • Roll the film around your fingers until it is aligned with the wheels evenly. The metal on should be hidden and covered by the film reel.
    • Reposition the drum and see if it will work properly.

    Good luck! :)

  • Taking off the cover and manually adjusting the belt is just a temporary fix for me. Holds for several printouts and then reverts back to the reseat drum error. Upon inspection, I can see that the belt has once again shimmied off to the right. Any other suggestions? Am I missing something? Is there something else I can tighten/adjust?