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New dell 3010cn error, Toner Recogntion, remove reinsert

  • I am installing a new dell 3010cn printer in my office. After following the directions that came with the printer I was able to install all the print toner cartridges. After installing the drum cartride, I am now getting the following error. TonerRecognition 093-963, Remove/reinsert Black toner. I have done this many times and it has not fixed the problem. Could it be a bad cartride? Thanks in advance for help with this.

  • Is this the cartridge that came with the printer or is it a refilled or hicapacity toner.

    Make sure the cartridge is seated correctly and is not physically damaged. The most likely cause is a fault toner cartridge but it could be the machine control unit causing the problem.

    First step would be to swap out the toner with a known good working one.
  • Whats the difference betwen a refilled or a high capacity toner with this model (3010 cn), this not appear with the 3100 printer... let me know