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Problems with Dell All-in-one Center


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Problems with Dell All-in-one Center

  • I have recently installed a Dell 966. In the process of installing to software I come across a repeated hang where there is a bleep and the system freezes. Using XP on a Dell. The software concerned is : the Dell All-in-one center. Anyone else had similar problems  I used the software from the suuplied CD). The problem is serious enough to require a recovery of XP.

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  • I am having the same problem. Trying to find how to fix it. Any ideas?
  • I also am having the same problem but the Dell tech staff can't fix it either, I've talked to several of them within the past few day's. If anyone knows how to correct the problem please let me know too.
  • Latest is that I have managed to load  the Center software to complete the checking of available applications when in safe mode but not when in normal Windows mode.
    I also suspect that the Fax software option may be a culprit but can't prove. Problem continues. Do you know if its possible to install just the Center software (this is the last thing to load when running software). Dell suggested this but I can't work out how to do it.
    Also where are you guys located? I am in the United Kingdom and this is a new Printer launch in the UK. I pre-ordered the printer so wonder if we are the first to experience this bug.
  • Im still having problems too. I think I may have finally got somewhere tho. The problem I was having was I could not get the insall to go past printing a test page without freezing up my computer. So I was only able to install half way. I really don't know about computers. So I went into the control panel, to printers and faxes, and added a printer that way. I think this may be the center software that you have mentioned, but really I am pretty dumb when it comes to this stuff :~). Then after restarting my computer I put in the drivers and utillites install disk and installed again. I just went back into the printer and faxes to make sure the new printer was set as default. And it appears that my computer is just fine now... I don't really have much knowledge when it comes to computers, so maybe try this if your having the same problem.. I will have to play around and make sure its working right, but my computers not frozen for once. I am in Portland, OR  US. I have just learned this printer has just come out, with all the research I have been doing trying to make this thing work right. I don't know if I have been much help, but let me know how it goes!
  • Hi there, so my computer would basically freeze up half way threw the install, no matter what angle I took on installing. So what I did was uninstalled it and went into control panel into the printers and faxes. Added a new printer in that screen. Then after restarting my computer I put in the drivers and utillites install disk and installed again. My computer and printer seem to be just fine now.. Hope I have been of some help, good luck.
  • Ok forget that.. I worked fine untill I logged back onto my computer. Then the same thing happened.. sheesh, thought I was on to something. :smileysad:
  • Bad news I am afraid. Dell now admit there are many logs with the same problem. The only known alternative is a System Restore which returns the system to factory settings (you need th re-install all apps etc). They seem to admit a bug but say that it will be some time before a solution is found.
    I have taken legal advice and the printer can be rejected (in the United Kingdom) under the Sale of Goods Act as it 'not fit for purpose'. You can get a full refund. I ham just deciding wether to go through the hassle of Restoring my PC or returning the Printer and buying an HP.
    Probably should have bought an HP from the begining!