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Jam, paper jam errors. Read this before posting.


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Jam, paper jam errors. Read this before posting.

  • We are seeing many printers coming back from customers with debris or objects "inside" the printer. These are causing many of the jam errors.
    * Unplug the power cord from the printer
    * Remove all paper from the printer
    * Turn the printer upside down and gently shake it
    * Post here if this action dislodged debris from inside the printer and fixed your jam issue
  • I have 2 AIO 922s. I have done what you have suggested. I shook both printers and even used condensed air on both. They both still state "Paper jam" Any other suggestions?
    • Is the cartridge carrier moving to the centre when the printer is powered on ?
    • If no. the problem could be related to encoder strip
    • Try the steps listed below.
    • You need either a Post card, Envelope.
    • Place the Envelope / post-card vertically on the right side in the feed path and push it as far down as it goes.
    • Move the  Envelope / post-card from left to right and right to left and if there is resistance at any point try moving the  Envelope / post-card up and down.
    • The above procedure helps clear the paper path.
    • If you do not have an  Envelope / post-card hand you can try the above procedure by folding a sheet of paper into three parts. the idea is to use a thick sheet to clear the feed path of foreign objects or debris.
    • After completing the procedure rebrick the printer.


  • I have tried this as well. The cartridge carrier does not go to the center. When I turn the printer on I can put a piece of paper in the tray and it will go through the printer with no problem. However it still states "paper jam" Any other suggestions?
    • The cartridges not coming to the center indicates a problem with the encoder strip
    • The encoder strip is a thin transparent strip about quarter of an inch wide that runs from left to right behind the cartridge holder.
    • Check and see if it is slack/broken/crooked.
    • Encoder strip should be firm vertical and should be inside the slot behind the cartridge carrier.
    • Pull the cartridge carrier manually to the center using the flat gray/white ribbon cable that connects to the cartridge carrier. Also move the cartridge carrier as far right and as far left as possible manually with the printer power chord disconnected about three times.
    • If the encoder strip is broken/loose then the printer will not work.
  • I have done the above suggested. Everything is in order with the strip. Any other suggestions?
  • I also have the same problem with my photo AIO printer 942. I have done everything that is listed and still the Clear paper Jam message is there. I have even uninstalled the printer and reinstalled just to try that to see if it would clear and it didn't do any good. I need my printer for business. This is sitting me back in work. Any idea's now on how to fix the problem???
    • A paper jam is a hardware issue and cannot be fixed by a reinstall.
    • Kindly try the steps I mentioned in the previous post.
    • There is one more step that you may try is to open the access tray to cartridges and try and move the rollers with your fingers in an upward motion.
    • then turn the printer off and reseat the power cable.
    • Try a standalone copy, If a standalone copy fails inspite of these steps, its time to say goodbye to the printer. you could still use the scanner though ;-).
  • Thank you Chris . I found the answer to my problem on another thread. After doing all that was posted here none of it  worked,  the problem  was the sensor that was bent up instead of being in the down postion. The printer work's now but sometime's I do still get the message clear paper jam. So then I just move the sensor back in place.
  • Yeah I think something is in my printer but the paper folded wouldn't get it out and my brother tried to fix it before and I think it wrecked it even more. I tried calling to get a replacement but the man said he couldn't because there were technical difficulties. If Dell made a computer that was easier to get inside and get out something that fell in or if you could clean it easier it'd be appreciated. I looked at the transparent strip and it's in tact. It's just that the rollers are not feeding the paper in, or maybe something lodged in there.
  • Yes, My daughter was complaining that her brand new printer would always jam. I cheked tbe printer and the drivers and could not fine any problems until i turned the printer over and out dropped a thumb tsck, she has not had a problem since.
  • Thanks Chris; I ran a card through the carriage and it cleared the problem,
    papwe jam on 944 printer.
    10:38 P.M 09/27/2006
  • Could you tell me where this part is ? I am at a stand still with my 942 AIO printer . paper wont feed all the way in and yet you hear the cartridges running back and forth like it was printing . Then it says paper jam .thank you for any and all help.
  • Well I solved the problem on my paper jam problem thing... kinda. I was able to get through to customer service and went through many hour and a half conversations going through the same stuff that I had said to the person before and finally they sent me a new printer. AIO 922 which I had before... the printer works fine, other than ALWAYS having a "Found New Hardware Wizard" pop up saying that the printer is new hardware... after more hour and a half conversations with several of your representatives in India the problem is still not fixed. I have tried EVERYTHING from installing the new driver by website over 5 times and uninstalling to getting Dell to send me a new disc so I can install it, but the "Found New Hardware" never seems to go away. Any support on this topic would be greatly appreciated or info on who I contact to fix this.
  • I find it difficult to believe that your company was "giving" a free printer (720) with a new computer order and l yr later there is no tech support for it. Have u no interest in customer satisfaction?

    The size is perfect for my small office area. Why isnt there support for it to communicate with my macbook dual core?