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Print cartridge missing error

  • My son’s friend I just got a new notebook Inspiron E1505 computer from Dell and it came with the Dell 725 inkjet printer.
    The final step of the driver setup in windowsXP is to print a test page.
    The printer indicated a missing cartridge… The cartridge was present however and I made sure there was no left over tape on the cartridge
    I reinserted the cartridge with no change..
    I uninstalled the driver.. shut down the printer and unplug the USB cable
    Then I reinstalled the driver, connecting the printer when prompted and no changed…
    I downloaded the Dell web based driver for this printer (725), unistalled the driver again and installed this downloaded driver…still getting a print cartridge missing error
    I called Dell Tech and they had me wipe of the bottom of the cartridge with a damp paper towel, then dry the cartridge… Also I was told to wipe off the printer cartridge connection with a dry q-tip
    No change… still get print cartridge missing error….
    After unistalling/installing the driver a few more times… the printer completed a Dell driver test page…
    After powering down and powering up the printer and PC… I get the missing cartridge error again…
    I am stumped and would appreciate an help
    • The problem is cartridge related.
    • Getting the cartridge replaced will fix the problem, this should not be a problem if your printer is under warranty.
  • Chris,
    Thanks for the reply... Dell is sending a replacement printer and cartridge.... I haven't seen this kind of error before....
    As a side note.. Is it looking for a "Dell" cartridge, which I had used, or could this printer use a lexmark #1 cartridge as that is the manufacturer?
    • It is looking for a Dell Cartridge, the problem occured due to a defect that developed on the cartridge during manufacturing or shipping, not very common, but I guess you were unlucky.
    • Lexmark is the manufacturer, however this printer uses cartridge P/N JF333.
    • The Lexmark Z735 is rebranded as the Dell 725.
    • Lexmark Z735, X2470, X3470 all the them use the cartridge #1 that you mentioned.
    • Coming to your question, I am not sure whether this printer works with #1, since the firmware on this printer would be specific to Dell.
    • If I were you I would not try the cartridge #1 for the following reasons. - Firstly If there is a cartridge related problem, Dell may not support you on a lexmark cartridge and even if they do, you cannot expect dell to replace a cartridge that was purchased from Lexmark - Secondly Lexmark may not replace the cartridge if you call 1-800-332-4120, since this cartridge is not designed to support Dell printers - Third and most important, if a lexmark cartridge leaks and causes damage to you printer, Dell may not replace your printer since you are not using Dell recommended accessories. Lexmark would not take responcibility either since #1 is designed for lexmark printers and not Dell printers.
  • Chris,
    Than you for the informative reply...
    Dell just called to say they were shipping a new printer and cartridge... great!!!
    I hadn't thought about the firmware being dell cartridge "sensitive", but in todays market it makesperfect sense (or is it cents?)
    when it runs out of ink it may be time to buy a a $25 dollar printer...or consider an all in one (my suggestion)