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922 A10 paper jam message, but no jam


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922 A10 paper jam message, but no jam

  • I am having a problem with my 922 A10. I cleared a paper jam yesterday, but keep getting the message to clear the paper jam. When I turn the printer on, it makes it's normal few seconds of noise, then what I guess you could call whirrling sound. When I raised the lid, I noticed the sound is being made by the roller type things in front that I think feed the copies OUT of the printer. It spins wildly for about 3 or 4 seconds making its whirrling sound, while the ink cartridge carrier moves slightly to the right. The ink cartridge carrier then goes way to the left & stays locked in that position. You can't even see the cartridges-they are so far left. Then I get the clear paper jam message once again. My warranty expired 7/9 & Dell told me I could renew the warranty for $39.95 & then they could tell me how to fix this over the phone.  I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks in advance.

    I forgot to mention that, as a last resort, I have already tried disconnecting & turning upside down & shaking, etc. This had been posted & seemed to correct the problem for others, not me, though.

    Thanks in advance.

  • I had a really similiar error, I took your advice and shook my printer a little for a few minutes, and low and behold a battery charger for my discman fell out, could be that there's something stuck in your as well. Thanks for the help.
  • I had a similar problem:  paper could feed through, but I would get a paper jam message.  I found a small sensor which was bent, and when I bent it back the other way, I was able to print.

    Open the printer (lifting the scanner) as you would to change the ink cartridge.  If the printer were a football field, the sensor would be on the right side, forty yard-line.  It is a long, black, plastic arm that sits in a channel between two paper guides directly below the metal rod on which the cartridge slides..  When I opened my printer, the sensor was bent up and out of the channel, and was stuck on top of the paper guide.   With tweezers, then a flathead screwdriver, I was able to gently lift the sensor up and over the edge of the paper guide, and fit it back into the channel.   The sensor is still bent--no longer centered in the channel--but it no longer blocks the movement of the ink cartridge, and I was able to print.

    Since the sensor is still bent, I still get a paper jam error from time to time, but I just prop up the scanner, put some pressure on the sensor again, and it prints for me.

    It was a very frustrating process to find the answer to my printer's paper jam problem, so I hope this works for you.

  • Thank you, Palisade. This could have been my problem & your instructions will no doubt help others on this board. As it turns out, since my warranty expired just when my problem developed, I was able to purchase another 1 yr. warranty (not "expired warranty" tech support service for $39.95, but another 1 yr. warranty).  After going thru the instructions of the technician, with no success, Dell sent me a replacement & I sent back the broken printer.  I'm sure the replacement was probably a return that was re-built, as it is very noisy.  I can see more paper jam problems coming down the pike because this printer also pulls paper to the right.  So I am saving your instructions. Thanks again.
  • Palisade, Thank you for your suggestion. It did solve the problem, though you are also correct about having to push down the sensor each time it gives you a future paper jam message. This is definitely cumbersome. I think I'll just have to end up purchasing a new printer from HP because this AIO 922 printer has me pushing down the sensor after each print ever since I learned from you about the black, plastic miniature arm underneath the metal rod.
  • I am having the same sort of problem except that i have a Dell all-in-one 924.  I tried unplugging and shaking it upside down, but nothing fell out, and i tried to fin a bent sensor on the inside, but there wasn't anything.  I don't know if anyone will have any advice, but i need the scanner part for school and i'm not sure what to do. :smileysad:
  • I was thrilled to read Palisade's post -- it solved my paper jam problem completely. Palisade has excellent diagnostic skills. The only hard part is finding the little sensor. I found that a flashlight and needlenose pliers were essential. I highly recommend looking for the sensor from the paper output tray first. It is easier to spot from below than from above. I also was not entirely gentle when removing the sensor from the paper guide -- I found I needed more force than I could apply with tweezers, but the needlenose pliers did the trick. The sensor is plastic so excessive force could cause a new problem. However, my sensor was well and truly stuck, requiring more oomph than a gentle lift.
    I can not express my gratitude enough, your surely one of Gods little angels!!!
    I'm a student & my course works due in after this weekend, i am stressed over that issue only to find printer had went odd on me.  Not to worry all fixed now due to your exact instructions!!!  I am girls girl and have never been a footie fan never mind being technical of any sort but managed to follow your instructions perfectly!  Thanx once again your a gem x
    I can not express my gratitude enough! Your surely one of Gods little angels!
    Thanx again x
  • it worked for me !!! thank you, you are so smart !