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3110CN feedback


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3110CN feedback

  • OK the 3110CN has arrived.  However no "manual" can be downloaded yet from Dell. [Why is that?  Is there something to hide?]  It appears that the 3110cn is a one pass color laser, which will compete with HP 2600 and 3800 and others utilizing the same "one-pass" technology.  It prints color "up to" 17 PPM.  The question I ask is does one buy the 3100CN now (which utilizes the older technology of revolving toner cartridges at 1/4 the speed) which is rated very high for its printing capability?  OR does one brave it and buy the 3110cn and hope its printing capability is equally as good?  The 3100 weights about 20 pounds more than the 3110.  Both are selling right now for $499 (with a one year service contract).  Please let us all know if the 3110CN is as good as the 3100CN.  Thanks.
  • Manual Download can be located here http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/systems/prn3010/
    3110 is engineered quite a bit better than the 3100, in my opinion.
  • The manual that you link to is the 3010cn not the 3110cn that I am referring.   What I'm interested in is the 3110CN manual.  Why is that not provided?
  • The Dell 3110cn is rated at 31ppm monochrome and 17ppm color. Those figures suggest it is a four-pass, not a one-pass.


  • Well, the 3110CN now appears on the Dell website at http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/systems/3110cn/

    I was right it is a one pass color laser printer similiar to all the others.  Hope this one will have the same or better quality as the 3100CN, its predecessor!!!!

  • A little bit of URL surgery revealed that the actual link to the English manual for the 3110cn is:


    I assume that Dell will correct the link on their site eventually—it is currently broken.

    I am a current 3100cn owner that is thinking about upgrading to the 3110cn. Things of interest to me from the manual:

    • From looking at the way the toner cartridges load, this printer is probably a 1-pass design of some type. My guesses about the 50% speed difference:
      • The paper path is short-circuited for black-only to not go past the color drums
      • The speed must be slowed for acceptable color registration

      Maybe an expert on laser printer design has a better explanation.

    • This printer apparently still supports the “non-Dell toner” setting. Unfortunately I think it will take some time for the toner and cartridge aftermarket to develop that will make supplies as economical as can currently be found for the 3100cn.

    • The standard tray can hold paper up to 14 in./355.6 mm long. The 3100cn can’t do this without an expensive $200 option, forcing you to use the multipurpose feeder which skews the print image noticibly. Maybe the 3110cn doesn’t skew when feeding from the MPF, which would be a double advantage.

    • The print drum is not a separate replacement part, leading me to think that the drums are part of the print cartridges. This could make them more expensive.

    • It doesn’t look like they’ve improved the web console. Specifically, I was hoping to see:
      • The job list to show the number of pages for each job
      • A clear indication of which job is currently printing, if any, and maybe even how many pages it’s printed so far
      • A way to cancel printing or pending jobs
      • A view of the stored jobs in the RAM disk, with print and delete functions

      It doesn’t make sense to have functions available from the front panel that you can’t perform using the web console. What if the front panel is locked? This gives you no access to these functions short of unlocking the front panel first.

    I am, as I’m sure many others are, most interested in whether the print quality, especially for photos, is equal or better to the 3100cn.

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  • I am also waiting to see any reviews of this new model. It will be interesting to see if the print quality is the same or better. And also whether the envelope wrinkling issue has been resolved.

    I  haven't seen anything on Dell's website about the optional duplexer for the 3110cn. It's not listed, at least not the price. Am I missing something?

  • Great information and analysis! Print Cartridge and Printer Life of 3110CN: Print cartridge yield at approximately 5% coverage Standard print cartridge: 5,000 pages (Black) 4,000 pages (Y/M/C) High-yield print cartridge: 8,000 pages (Black) $110 8,000 pages (Y/M/C) $215 x 3+ $645 (So 8,000 pages plus paper costs $760 or 9.5 Cents per page) Duty cycle (maximum) 60,000 pages/month Fuser 100,000 pages Belt unit 100,000 pages Separator rollers 100,000 pages Printer life 300,000 pages or 5 years, whichever comes first
  • I went ahead and bought the 3110CN.  The duplexor is extra for $200.  It fits under the transfer belt. I spent $499 for printer and 1 year service, plus $70+ for 512MB, plus $200 for duplexor.  $770 is about $1300 cheaper than what I paid in 2000 for an HP Color Laserjet 4500N!  Will let you know how it prints.

  • Latest update at 10:30AM 7/20/06.  Received UPS tracking showing that the 3110CN weighs 41.5lbs.  This concerns me since the specs describe an empty printer (w/o cartridges) weighing in at 52.9lbs.  Hopefully this is a weighing error and I will not receive 80% of a printer.
  • Wow, that's great you decided to order the 3110cn.  I hope you will report back to this thread once you have a chance to set the printer up and test it out.

    I am really curious about a) print quality b) envelope wrinkling

    Good luck, DrDoolittleIII

  • Will do.  Expect to get printer today.  Already have extra memory, but the duplexer is delayed until next week.  Don't know if I should wait until I get the duplexer before I install the drivers.  There was something in the manual about having to reinstall drivers if you add an option.  Will let you know.
  • Got the 3110CN this afternoon.  The huge box seemed to be well packaged, taped and secured.  Opened it up and set it up.  It took a whole of 30 minutes to unpack, install cartridges, plug in to home network, install drivers and print my first test page.  WOW!!!!!  I tested the printer with hi res photos, charts & graphs, stationary, etc.  I am impressed.  The hi res photo was outstanding!  I have an Epson Picture Mate Photo printer that is one of the best photo printers you can buy and comparing a family photo was amazing.  I blew the 3110 photo up to 81/2x11 and it printed it with impressive ability.  The only drawback as I see it is envelopes.  I printed 2 using the multipurpose tray and it has a little wrinkling.  That's OK since I use a monocrome HP laser to print envelopes anyway.  The printer is very quiet.  After it initializes it prints hi res photos with impressive speed.  My earlier HP Color Laser 4500N printed around 4PPM color, so I'm spoiled now with the speed of the the 3110CN.  It is a fast color printer.  Hopefully it will hold up for several years.  So far I feel it was a great bargain, and am glad I went with the 3110CN instead of the 3100CN.  Will see in the coming days, weeks and months.   Will continue to report after some daily use.
  • Does your HP monochrome laser printer also wrinkle the envelopes? I am just thinking about why the Dell would wrinkle them if the Dell is supposed to be a single-pass engine like a monochrome printer....hmmm.

    Also, since the duplexer you ordered is being shipped separately, does that mean you'll be installing it yourself? 

  • DrDolittle can do many things :)
    Regarding my HP printer, it is an old HP Laserjet 4000.  It prints at 17ppm and has a max resolution of 1200x1200 with their enhansements.  And believe it or not it does not wrinkle my envelopes!  I can have batch merge mailings out in a flash with no envelope problems.  The 3110CN seems to have a long pathway from multi tray to top of printer (its final destination).  My HP travels a shorter vertical distance and the fuser unit is on the back.  Besides why use a color laser printer for non-color (black) envelopes anyway.  I will use the 3110CN for color presentations, brochures, charts, etc.  With the extremely low price for monocrome lasers and cheap price of toner it seems best to have two lasers:  one for correspondence etc. and one for presentations etc.
    I read the manual about installation of the duplexer.  It fits right under the transfer belt and snaps right on in.  It doesn't seem to require a lot of technical skill or knowledge to install.  But I'll let you know how I made out and how well it works after I get it and install it.