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Dell AIO 944 error 1203


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Dell AIO 944 error 1203

  • I have a newly purchased Dell All In One printer. I have error message 1203, does anyone know what I need to do? I see several posts on here with the same problem, but no one has the solution. Get back to me if you can help. Much thanks. Rocco
  • well that is a print head short error you need to do the ff:

    a. clean the contacts using a damp cloth and just wipe the inks out of the nozzle it may be clogged   and do it just in one direction, don't do it back and forth.

    b. disconnect and reconnect the power cord from the wall outlet and as well as to the back of the printer and wait for about 10 secs before plugging them all back.

    *** repeat it for two times BUT still if negative need to replace the inks***:smileysad:

    GOOD LUCK!!!:smileywink:

  • Thanks that is excatly what I had to do. I put in the black cartridge only and the error message went away, when I put the color one in the error came up. Dell sent me a new cartridge free of charge. Is this a common problem? I just got the printer it works great for my home use. Thanks again.
  • Pretty similar situation in my case, only reverse - error went away only when I removed the black & white cartridge and left the colour cartridge in!!!