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Dell AIO Printer A960 Hardware Error 0502?


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Dell AIO Printer A960 Hardware Error 0502?

  • My printer will print beautifully and after a couple of copies will register Hardware Error 0502 and then prints only top couple of lines.  If I turn off everything and unplug it, it copies well again a few times. then a repeat of the problem again.  Can't find anything relating to this error.  Help? Thanks
  • Are you copying or printing? Must be specific as they are both functions of a 960 and they are not the same action for the system.
  • Sad but the fact is permanent fix. It's the "encoder strip" and/or the ink cartridge carrier that "reads" it.

    Save yourself grief and get a good printer.


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  • Error502 may have a point, that doesn't mean he/she has the right solution. Not having your printer in front of me, makes it hard to say. If you are going to follow his advice and get a new printer, I would like to have your old one to experiment on and see what the real problem is, better I dissect it than the landfill get another throw away product.
    Dell printers are like a lot of other manufacturers printers, to cheap to fix and to expensive to buy very often. Many of them can be bought new for the price of the replacement ink cartridges and that is downright criminal. Not that I want the price to go up, I want the price of the cartridges to get realistic.
  • Although I had the A940, I believe it's the same defect. When my "error 502" began, naturally I came here and was amazed at how many people had the same problem. After further investigation, realized "support" could only refer to erroneous instructions and it became apparent that "support" had never actually worked on these faulty printers. Many customers were angry that these printers were not recalled. Some received warranty replacement printers and the replacements soon developed the "error 502" defect.

    All the helpful posts were deleted long ago but it was clear that the problem was the "encoder strip" and/or the cartridge carrier where the strip was read.

    After constant "error 502" and tiring of cleaning the strip every other page of printing, I dismantled my 940 (NOT an easy task). That's when I discovered that the machine was made different than "support" instructed. That's also when I decided to get another printer. I purchased a Lexmark X7170 months ago (yes, I know the Dell A940 is a Lexmark)and it functions flawlessly. I've also regained most of the sanity I had lost while struggling with the A940.

    sixholdens said:
    "I would like to have your old one to experiment on and see what the real problem is"
    Your offer is 100% more than Dell has done.
  • Does Dell have a model that somebody would be willing to recomend.  One that you have owned for say 18 months to 2 years.  I have had 2 A960 in the last 2 years and both have had "Hardware Error 0502".  The first time Dell replaced it and now that my second one is doing it and my warranty is out. 
  • Hey Everyone!! I fixed Harware Error: 502!!!
    The problem is simple. The Shiny Silver bar that your Print Cartridges glide back and forth on is the PROBLEM!!!
    When the motor that moves the cartridges left and right HAVE TOO MUCH RESISTANCE, YOU GET THE HARDWARE ERROR: 502.
    How I fixed it is simple. Take some kleenex, and with power unplugged, clean the bar very well. Then Spray some WD-40 on a Kleenex, and lubricate the shaft!!
    After I did this, I could use my DelL A960 as if it were BRAND NEW!!!
    Hope this helps some one out there, as I had to figure it out myself!!
    Take care.
  • Spaceman2007, Thanks,Your help worked for me. thanks again!
    This absolutly fixed the problem. :)  U should work for dell!  :smileyhappy:
  • It worked for me too,  Thanks it was such a pain
  • Thanks loads Spaceman; A simple fix for an annoying problem. Appreciate your help. adko.
    P.S. Tiggertrance at yahoo answers sent me the link.
  • I am amazed to hear so many people describe my exact problem.  I read your solution.  I am no computer whiz so please help!  My printer is the A940 with the hardware error.  More recently during a printing task I get a message that a new cart. has been installed even though it hasn't.  I just tried to print a picture and I could hear the cart. sliding back and forth as if it were printing, but it was completely blank.  I would like to try your solution.  Exactly which piece do I lube?  How often?
  • YES!! spaceman2007's fix works! Used this idea 2X in 12 months, and no other probs.
  • Thank you Spaceman2007.  This worked for my Dell A940.  You win the 2007 Hrry Tuttle award.
  • Thank you.  This worked on my A940, using sewing machine oil rather than WD40.  You win the Harry Tuttle award for 2007.