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MPF Tray Issues - 5100cn


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MPF Tray Issues - 5100cn

  • I am unable to print to my MPF tray on my Dell 5100cn. I have changed setting, loaded and unloaded paper and I contiue to get a "LOAD PAPER" error.
    Does anyone have a suggestion!?!?!?! Right now I feel like I should have bought a HP Printer.
  • I have also had a similar problem. When I try to print irregularly-sized paper in the MPF tray, I get a "Load Paper" error. I have created a custom paper size in Word and changed all the options I could in the printer properties, but I still get the same error. Cancelling and restarting the print job sometimes allows me to print one or two copies, but that's it! The copies that it does print are dead-on, positioned correctly. However, I don't want to stand here and print one or two at a time, when I am trying to print a couple thousand copies! My Dell support rep had no suggestions for me, and I hoped to get the board's response on this issue. (BTW, almost every other printer in our office is an HP, and this is our first foray into Dell's printers. I hope this is not indicative of their capabilities.)
  • I have the same problem.  It seems like the printer does not sense paper being loaded hence kept on asking user to load paper.  Any Dell technicians on this board?
  • I also have simular paper error's--- I changed the mpf tray setting to print A5 paper which i loaded, it prints 1 sheet then displays on printer panel: "load mpf A5 plain 1" well i have? I've noticed a lot of the posts here are regarding this type of error, I think we all deserve an explanation from the dell support team
  • OK All -

    I contacted Dell and a very nice technician talked me through the issue. I now can print shhets from the MPF.


  • OK I spoke with a Dell technician about this.

    select menu on the 5100> tray settings> paper type> MPF> Plain1 - enter to save

    Select menu > tray settings> paper size > MPF> Free Size - enter to save.


    You should be able to print 81/2 x 11 sheets now. I gave up on envelopes (the printer mangles them anyway.)

    Good luck all!