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3000cn Toner cartridges


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3000cn Toner cartridges

  • Just recently purchased a 3000cn. I have a 3100cn at my office. Can the 3000cn use the 4k color toner cartridges that the 3100cn uses or am I limited to the 2k? Thanks
  • NO, the 3000cn takes only the 2000page
  • you might be able to use them if you turn on "non-dell toner" in the maintainence menu.  but i myself have never tried it.
  • Thanks for the info!!
  • Has anyone tried using a 4k color toner cartridge in a 3000cn by turning on "non-dell toner"?

    Seems to me that it should work since the 2k toners will work in the 3000cn and 3100cn.

  • I have used Epson aculaser C1100 toners in my 3000CN by setting non-dell toners in the menu, removing a small plastic tab that doesn't allow the toner to seat, and swapping the chip from the OEM toners to the Epson toners (otherwise, it gives an error) - I have replaced BLACK high capacity #0190 price ??? and CYAN standard capacity #0193  @ $74.99 plus tax to date with no issues (Office MAX locally stocks the aculaser toners) location: Middle Tennessee, USA. I don't know how the price compares to Dell, but I can buy off the shelf and make the modification with a pair of snips and be back in operation in about 5 minutes.... Hope this helps somebody else out... 
    FYI I had already turned on non-dell toner to stop the low toner message and it printer ran until toner ran completely out and then it couldn't calibrate, so I was down until swapping toners.
    I usually run HP or XEROX but was given this machine by a customer because "somebody plugged into a 220 outlet and burned it up and did I want it for parts" but it has worked fine for me with no sign of damage, so I put my xerox phaser 340 in the garage and started using this one.
    DIsclaimer: Obviously you use other toners at your own risk, and your warranty will surely be affected, but it worked for me.