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dell photo a10 printer 924

  • Just bought a dell photo a10 printer 924.  Does anyone know the driver or the manufacturer.  dell says they don't make printers.
  • The printers are manufactured by Lexmark for Dell To Dell specifications. They use the
    Dell driver available on the cd included with the Dell printer or download from the Dell web site.
    Lexmark drivers or ink carts will not work in the Dell printer.
  • Thanks for your reply.  Is there any way to find out the name or number of the driver.  I need that to install Go To My pc.
  • If your operating system is XP, the driver is at this address.
  • What about if you don't use XP? Are you saying that there aren't any drivers for Windows 98/ME or 2000? I would be extremely surprised if this Dell printer that we got was useless with our laptops.
  • The only drivers that work with the 924 are Win 2000, XP, and X64. All of these drivers are available for download on
  • I am having the same problem with this 924 printer.   Dell instructions were to go to above link you mentioned and download driver.  I have Windows XP.  I get so far as the icon downloaded to my desktop, then can't access the extracting box.  Just get a message : _G11AWeb3232924EN  (the download) is not a valid win32 application.  Thus far, tech has not been a help in resolving this, so I know what the answer is.  Can understand where you're coming from!
  • Sorry! I meant I do NOT know what the answer is!
  • did you ever get the win xp driver from dell to work?  I am finding the same problem.  Can't find the driver for photo 924 printer.  I donwload the one from Dell and it does not execute (noted the downloaded .exe is 29m when the site says it is 36m in size).
    do you know anywhere i can get the driver?
  • scs03, I finally got my printer working.  I could never download the driver.  My new Dell  pc, less than one year old never worked correctly, the hard drive was no good, (which was not the problemwith the printer.) I took my pc in to pc repair service and at the same time took the printer in.  They were able to get the driver and now the printer works great.
  • Thank you, very nice of you to reply.  Glad you got your printer working.
    Do you think there's somewhere here in S. Fla. that may have the driver (best buy, etc.)? or did you take it to a specialized shop?
  • Staples? Call pc repair shops for available seller.
    Took mine in to repair shop when having
     pc checked out.