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Printer 924 problems; Please help to fix.


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Printer 924 problems; Please help to fix.

  • Just got the 924 printer and it was working fine , now when I want to print The paper gets jamed and will not print. I tried to unplug everything and hold down the power button , but this did not work. When I try to print the paper will not go through the feeder. It gets stuck and the paper is all wrinkled up. I need to have this fixed because I have school and I need the printer.
  • There are 3 or 4 things that will cause this.

    The type of paper that you use can make a difference. It depend on the stiffness and tooth of he paper. On my 922, good paper or better such as G/P from Walmart for around $3.00 per ream works fine but $1.00 or so per ream from close out discount stores jams almost every sheet. If you are using paper different than has been working for you, that may be the problem.

    The pressure guide on the left side of the paper feed tray must stay snug against the paper.

    Over loading the paper tray.

    Fanning the paper too much in the tray.

    Small piece of paper left in the printer after the first jam.

    An object which has fallen into the top of the printer.

    Look into the printer before removing the jammed paper to try to see where it is jamming.
  • Well how do you go about fixing these things? I don't know which one it is. All I know is that it keeps jamming when ever I print.  I looked inside the printer and I can't see why it's jamming.
  • Usually, if you're having paper jams, it could be a mechanical problem with the printer.
    Try these:
    - turn off the printer. unplug the power adapter for 1-2 minutes
    - lift the printer upside down and shake it sideways (strange huh?... usually, this helps because it can re-align those things that may not be aligned right inside the printer)
    - then, adjust the paper guides and use about 10-15 pieces of paper. try using the printer. if it's still the same... it really is the printer.
    - if it's still under warranty, Dell can replace it.
  • Thanks, That worked. The printer is working now.
  • great... that's good to know... im so happy for you! :smileyvery-happy:
  • Thanks Rissa!!!!!
    I have been having the same problem.  I turned the printer off and shook it.  Bingo, it works.
  • my printer keeps saying the carriage jam but I don't see anything wrong what can I do to correct the problem
  • OK i have the same problem, i have tried shaking it upside down but to no avial. this is stupid i have had the printer for 6 weeks hardley used it. it was fine, then only 1 min after using it it broke. i am getting sent in circle by dell UK support, i cant afford to call them to be put on hold and emails are being ignored. this is hardley support!! i have a warranty too!!
  • Finally, after calling Dell I found out a ribbon in the printer had came out they sent me a new one in 2 days with no problem and paid for everything.  My new printer is working good so far.
  • Can anyone help me?  The copier porting of my printer isn't working.  The arm that is underneath the glass just shakes back and forth then the printer seeming turns off and on.  The display doesn't come on and the power button doesn't light up
  • I think it's better for you to call Dell expecially if your printer is still within 1 year warranty. It may be a hardware problem with it already. The Dell technicians will walk you through steps and if the problem still persists, they can replace it, as long as it's still within warranty.
  • Clearly the 924 has a design error. Dell owes us a fix.
    FYI from another post:
    I talked to a techie at work and he said a lot of the printers that have upright feeders have the same issues.  Something about the feeders not being aligned.  Anyway I kept at them until they sent me a 964, which has a feeder that sits flat beneath the machine.
  • I had dumped the thing and bought a HP, but I appreciate you helping me. 
    Enjoy your day
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