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Dell 5100cn - 016-302 error code


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Dell 5100cn - 016-302 error code

  • I've looked through all of the listings that I can find, but I can't find a reference to this error code.  016-317 points to unseated RAM, but that doesn't appear to be the problem here.  Any ideas?
  • Error 016-317 indicates that you need to reseat the controller card. See this page for detailed instructions ->

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  • Dell 3100 Here...same issue.

    Followed steps outlined, updated firmware.

    Same problem.

    It will print through Windows and FTP. But when our Database software sends a printjob, it will print one page and then error out with "016-302 Restart Printer".

    Every other printer we have ever hooked up to this works.

    Any ideas?
  • Does your database application generate and send its own PCL or PS directly to the printer? Also, are you printing via a >7ft paralell cable. If its the former, then the application is sending the printer a PCL command it doesnt understand and puts the printer in a mode where it cant recover, if its the latter. I recommend a 100baseTX connection instead.
  • We also encountered this same error ( 016-302 ) on our 5100cn. It went away when the network connection was removed - so that gave me a clue. The thing that caused it was a combination of a bad .PPT ( powerpoint ) slide file created in Office 2003 / 2007 that was sent to the printer, and old firmware. Updating the Firmware to A06 ( 200610231537 ) solved the problems. NOTE: even though it seems that the program is "locked-up" while waiting for the NEXT button to appear ( you can keep Refreshing it ), you MUST give it several minutes AFTER it resets from the 1st part of the firmware update ( as it's a 2 part Firmware update !!!  ), so that it can also reprogram the MCU in the 2nd part of the update proceedure.