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Dell Photo AIO Printer 962 - Right cartridge incorrect


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Dell Photo AIO Printer 962 - Right cartridge incorrect

  • I've had my 962 printer for about three months now and all of a sudden it started displaying the message "right cartridge incorrect" on the front. I've gone through all the trouble-shooting guides, cleaning the contacts, disconnecting power, etc. Each time I either get the "right cartridge incorrect" message or "right cartridge missing" while the cartridge is there. The trouble-shooting guides say to buy a new cartridge! Why should I buy a new cartridge? It's practically brand new. Still 75% full (or better) at the last printing. Everything has been working great until today! I even printer color label a few days ago. Anyone have any thoughts? I saw a similar posting on a 924 printer.
  • Same thing as the 942 post you read, it's a faulty cartridge.  Contact Dell for a free replacement.
  • :smileyindifferent:  I have the same Problem with my 962 Printer buyed  in May 2005.
  • We had the same problem with the same printer.  We purchased ours in May also.
    We replaced the black ink cartridge because it was low but the color one still has plenty of ink.
    We had to put a new color cartridge in also to solve the problem.  Do not want to do this every time!
    We tried everything else before installing a new color cartridge.  If you're listening "dell" please reply.
    I have an 80% full color cartridge that I cannot use!  If this is consistent then when one cart. is replaced the other one needs to be replaced also.   That won't work!   
  • Well, they sent me two new cartridges. Still under warranty. I haven't replaced them yet, but this certainly sounds like the problem. THe amazing thing I find interesting is that they want me to send back the old cartridges. It's gotta cost them a whole lot more in postage than what ever they're going to do with the old cartridges.
  • Does anyone who has experienced this problem have any suggestions on how to resolve or correct the problem - other than getting a new cartridge?  I just opened a new cartridge, placed it in, and the same message exists - so my suspicion is that it's not the cartridge.  That being said, I've not seen any suggestions on what else to potentially try - other than new cartridges (which, in my case, are not yet making a difference).

    Is it possible the contacts are dirty, or need cleaning?   Or something out of alignment?  I'm not able to "align the cartridges", because it won't stop complaining about the "Right Cartridge Incorrect".  It's somewhat maddening - any suggestions are welcome.


  • Well, I have the same problem. Bought the 962 in June. On our 3rd round of cartridges. This set has been in for a month or so, not using the color so much, but have been printing color fine within a few days. Now have the Right Cartridge Incorrect message, and can't do anything about it.
    I tried the KB Article  177176 about Wicking the cartridge (wiping it) and re-plugging, but still the same error. Can't clean it, either - it starts, grabs paper, then does nothing.
    I also don't think it's the cartridge itself, as nothing has changed, and I don't want to toss a 2/3 full cartridge.
    Now that I've been waiting 40 minutes on Chat (estimated time was about 5 minutes), and continuing my searching & troubleshooting, someone just picked up the Chat line. Hopefully they can help, even if it's to send a free cartridge. I'll let y'all know.
  • So the Chat took about 30 minutes, and they walked me through much of the same steps in that KB Article I mentioned. The only difference was the detail of the Wicking: Dry cloth for the contacts (with the 20 or so square copper dots, on the back as you're looking at it when its installed), moist for the nozzle side (stripes, on the bottom when installed). And they also had me remove the whole power supply...which I happened to do before anyhow. As you've all seen, that doesn't help.
    At least I do have a replacement cartridge already, so I'll try that while waiting for the new one in the mail, and while I'm waiting for them to wrap up the Chat details.
    And...replacing the cartridge does work. At least they're sending a new one to replace my 2/3 full one. Then that'll be my next backup. That was a fun Friday night.:smileysad:
    Good luck!
  • Hello,

    I have called them now the technican service from Dell. He told me, that the blank on the broken right cartridge is defect and I need a new one.
    One day later I have hold the new cartridge in my hands. And the best of all are - all was warranty. Momently my printer prints correctly. I'am Happy.

  • I had to replace both the black and color cartridge to get the printer to work properly - thankfully, I use my very reliable HP laser printer for most printing, so I'm hoping I won't have to replace the cartridges anytime soon....   because if I have to, I'm going to replace the whole printer.  and that is enough about that (Dell, are you listening?)
  • :smileysad:Ditto    After four months of very little use and almost a full ink cartridge we are having the same problems that you describe and have tried all the free listed remedies. Pretty poor product I'd say. We will try another cartridge at our expense I guess , what a waste.
  • I have the same problem and so far very unhappy with the Dell 962. It prints very poorly, won't print with some of my software, and now with this issue, I'm about to return to HP printers. I'm waiting on an email from Dell for the corrective action.
  • Thanks to all of those who used the message board. I recently posted a message with the same problem. Dell replaced my faulty cartridge with a new one, no trouble. The problem was getting in contact with a technician, after three 20 minute attempts I finally got through on day two. Printer problem solved.
    Thanks again to all,
  • I am also having the same problem. But my question is  "can you use a Lexmark cartridge in place of the Dell?

    Thank you


  • Hi all,

    I bought my 962 in june 2005, and I have used only 40% of the blank cartdridge. The color one (right) is almost full (I just print a few text pages per week, with just a few words in color). Today, all of a sudden, I got the "right cartridge incorrect" error message. I also have tried KB Article 177176 with no success. I don't want to throw away an almost full (and only 6-months old) cartridge.

    I'll try to contact Dell Italian support tomorrow, and let you know.
    This is VERY annoying...