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Dell 1600n MFP network scanning


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Dell 1600n MFP network scanning

  • We have our new MFP 1600n working fine to print, copy and FAX with the new Inspiron 9300 which was bought at same time.  Connection is by cable through an SMC router that we have been using for networking for years.
    We updated bios to version A04, which is the latest.
    We see two scanners in paper port
    WIA-Dell Laser MFP 1600n
    Dell Laser MFP 1600n
    Withe the first scanner selected, when we click on scan, we get the error
        Unable to communicate wiht the TWAIN device
    With the second scanner the message is
        Port is disabled.  Ensure that the port is properly connected and the power is on, then restart
    If trying to scan from the MFP "Scan" button  we get the message
        Scan feature not available
    Anybody found a solution ?
  • Hi,

    What's the firmware version that you have installed? There is an update firmware for this printer "". This has solved a few scanning problems on the network.

    Printers: Dell 1600n Multifunction Laser, Patch/Upgrade, Windows 2000, Windows XP, English, French, Spanish, Multi System, v.(1600n SW V1.24 and FW v1.22), A02

    Try this if you haven't done that, this should solve it.

    Good luck!


  • It sounds like you need to enable scanning over the network on the printer's operator panel. You will find it under the "network" subheading.

    Also, the aforementioned update/patch file includes updates to the print engine firmware, the network firmware, and the driver software. Each of which is a separate process to install. Make sure all three updates have been applied.

    And finally, open up the "Network Scan Manager" from the start menu and confirm that you have setup a user ID and PIN (optional).