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Ink Level Reset a940

  • I am trying to find out if there is a way to manually reset the ink levels for my a940 after I have installed new cartridges. Since the first replacement cartridges, every time I print a document, I receive a "Order Ink From Dell" notice followed by the "Ink Level Low" alert chart. It is very frustrating that I cannot get the levels to reset and eliminate this annoyance from every print job. Can these levels be reset somehow from the keypad and display on the a940. I cannot tell if the machine should be able to read the ink levels or if I should be doing something.

    I have emailed Dell, gone thru their chat-help and have had no one actually address the issue. I have reinstalled drivers and software to no avail.

    Anyone got a clue as to how I might resolve this issue?
  • The ink cart level can be corrected by clicking on: start, control panel, printers, Dell 940 printer, printer, preferences, options, maintenance, install new ink cart. This only works on printer models ending in 0.
  • william_the_scot

    What happens when you install a new ink cartridge in a 922 printer? Does it reset the ink levels? Thanks

  • You can not reset the ink carts to new on any model dell printer ending with 2,(922, 942, 962). You just have to put up with having no ink level indicator. But the indicators are not very accurate anyway, especially the color. My refills last approx 500 printed pages, so I know to refill then or watch for signs of ink running low. For me that has been no problem. I have refilled my ink carts dozens of times and they have always worked perfectly. I print over 2000 typed pages and up to several hundred 8x10 color photos per month. I have never puchased a new cartridge since I bought the 922 printer 1 year ago. When the refilled ink carts finally stop working well, I will buy new carts from Dell and continue refilling them. My cost to refill each cart is about $2.50. The flat top ink carts used in the models ending in 2 are very easy to refill.
  • It seems odd that Dell wouldn't address this lack of an ink level indicator after a new cartridge is replaced. I guess the only way you know when to replace the next cartridge is to wait until your prints start lightening up. This seems a rather inelegent solution. Thanks for your response.
  • I'm sorry but I misworded my last reply slightly. I stated the case for refilled or used carts. When you install a new Dell ink cart. the models ending in 2 are supposed to reset the ink levels automatically.
  • william_the_scot
    Thanks for the clarification. I was wondering how do you know when to refill your black or color ink cartridges. Is it something visual like when the page appears to be printer lighter or the color doesn't seem right? How much black ink do you inject into each of the three holes in the 922 black cartridge? In color cartridges, if just one color is low do you fill just that color? Also, do you use the three or five color cartridges for your photos? What paper do you use for photos.
    Thanks for the help. You seem to know alot about this subject.
  • Since I know that the typed pages I print, I get about 500 pages per fill. Sometimes I just refill the black ink cart when I have gone through 1 pack (500 sheets) of paper. Or sometimes I just refill when the current page being printed does not print completely, which also happens after I have printed around 500 sheets.

    I fill one hole in the black cart with around 25 ml of black ink, (depending on how empty it is).

    With color carts I refill each color as it becomes empty. Depending on what color is primarily used in your color prints, that color may run out 10 times faster than the other 2 colors. That is why the ink level indicator is very inaccurate even on new ink carts. But often I will also top off the other colors too. I put 8 ml in an empty color hole.

    I never let the ink carts dry out. I refill immediately.

    I don't use the photo printing ink cart so I haven't refilled one. I'm not even sure if there is a refill kit for one. My photos come out great with the reg. black and color carts, as good as (but not better than) any color printer that I have ever had, and I have had about 10.

    I use various brands of 8x10 glossy photo paper depending on what is the best buy at the time. One brand that I like is Ilford. It is usually $10.00 for 20 sheets but I have bought it for 2 packs for $10.00. But I have also bought various other brands for as little as $1.99 for 25 sheets. I just look for clearance sales and closeouts and when I find a good paper at an unbelievable price I buy a lot, often all that they have. I print a lot of 8x10 photos. Glossy photo paper usually gives better results than matte or some other surfaces, but it depends on what you are printing and the resuts that you want. Always keep your photos separated until the ink is completely dry. I often let them dry for 24 hours before stacking them or they may stick together or smear, (depending on the local humidity). I keep my ink flowing good by doing a lot of printing daily.

    Also you get a lot less prints from the color carts because color printing and color photo printing can use 10 times more ink than black typed page printing. Sometimes I get as few as 10-30 8x10 photos to a color cart fill because there are much larger areas that have to be compleley filled with color.

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  • Thanks for the detailed tutorial. I guess the money saved from refilling ink cartridges that go towards refilling that gas cartridge in your car!
  • After installing a new cart into A940, there is a message displayed on the PRINTER Panel (Not on the PC screen) "New Cartridge? Yes, NO".  Use the +/- button to select "Yes" and push the Select Button.  Now you'll see full ink level when printing.