dell 962-Orange Exclamation point light


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dell 962-Orange Exclamation point light

  • Next to the power button, I see an orange exclamation point light.  The manual does not identify the purpose or significance of this light.  What does this light mean?
  • It is mentioned in the manual a couple of times. It comes on when the ink carts are low or out. It also comes on and flashes when you have a paper jam. And it comes on and /or flashes when there is some other malfunction of the printer. All in all, it doesn't mean much as all of these problems are identified in printer pop-up menus when you have that problem.
  • This is the third time I've tried to complete this posting.  They keep mysteriously disappearing before I finish.

    I've had the same experience with the ! light next to the power button.  I've had my 962 about a month.  For the most part, I'm pretty happy with it.  But, when the light came on about a week ago, I contacted Dell tech support (I could not find any reference to the light in the owner's manual either). They never told me what the light meant, but they did tell me they would replace the printer.  GREAT!!!  When replacement arrived I was stunned to find it was a refurbished.  A month after plugging in my new printer I'm sitting here with a REFURBISHED.  Needless to say, I've registered a complaint.  Seems I missed the 21 day deadline to report the problem by a day or two.  At this point I'm not a happy customer - to say the least.

    I noticed the ! light came on about the same time the picto-graph ink cartridge display on my monitor began warning me about "low black ink."  It could be that's all there is to it.  I hope so.  But, the tech supports weren't exactly a tabernacle of information about it.

    I'll keep you posted if I learn more.  In the meantime, I'm going to try to find the references in the owner's manual that william_the_scot referred to.
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