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Dell 1230c Printer, Issue may or may not be the printer


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Dell 1230c Printer, Issue may or may not be the printer

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I have been searching Technet and Google. Appearantly I am not asking the right query.

XP Pro SP3 is connected to Dell 1230C (rebranded samsung CLP-315) laser printer, via usb port 2. Shared across LAN via gigabit linksys switch. Win 7 Pro SP1 32bit system on same workgroup and same switch installs shared printer no problem.

Both printed no problem until January-ish. Suddenly as either printed, the other could no longer print and would say there was a problem with driver or printer. I must have uninstalled and reinstalled drivers dozens of times. One or the other would print but as soon as one would the other would have the same issue.

Final work-around this morning. Opening the printers' properties on either computer, appearantly initializes communication in a different way than any other communication. From there I can print a test page and print regularly from that computer. I don't have to print that test page. It works after opening the properties and closing the window; however, the other computer loses all communication until you open the printers' properties again. This is definitely a first come first serve issue as I cannot open the properties on both computers at the same time and get functional printing. First opened gets the printer.

I hope that someone can help me diagnose the communication that is occurring upon opening the printer properties dialog, and perhaps help me troubleshoot what this issue is stemming from. I am replacing the printer with an identical make and model and cable as well to verify those are not the issue as well.

If you can help me even with the right search combo to find the answer thanks in advance.

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  • I found this answer posted on a win 7 forum, let me know if that helps as I have not had a chance to test it personally:

    1) Ensure Printer on XP machine is shared - assume it's called SHAREDPRINTER.

    2) On the Network Browsing on your Windows 7 machine ensure you can "See" the Printer share.

    Now on the Windows 7 machine do the following (doesn't matter if it's X-86 or x-64).

    3) Control Panel==> add LOCAL (Yes LOCAL) printer. I know it's on a Network but hold your horses -- what we are actually doing is "Poodlefaking" the Windows 7 machine into thinking it's running the printer.

    4) Create NEW port==>Local port


    6) Now Windows 7 will load a driver and you'll be able to print on the XP machine.


    (For a "Network stand alone printer") at 4) chose TCPIP port

    and at 5) enter the IP address.

    If the printer is on the Windows 7 machine and you want to print on the XP machine then do the same instructions on the XP machine --

    port name in this case will be \\W7MACHINE\SHAREDPRINTER

  • Thanks but I have done that. Adding the printer as local or network using correct addressing works. As soon as I print from the other computer - bam, no printing until I open the printer properties.

    Thanks for the response though.

  • camdeeman,

    Printster probably has more information that I do. I also found this article that may or may not help.

    Share Files and Printers between Windows 7 and XP



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  • what you are describing is a new one by me. Do we have the same problem with any two computers? XP/XP, 7/7 or are these the only two computers in that network?

  • These are the only two computers on the network with this issue though there are many more computers in the office.

    I know how to get them to share successfully with all computers and see each other. The problem is a strange one related to printing on one and the other stops, open printer properties on the one that stopped. Print a test page successfully and it works magically; however, the other one stops printing again until you go to the printer properties. And the wheels on the bus go round and round.

  • I see that you had another printer and cable to try, I assume no luck on that fixing the issue. I tried looking for someone else with the same issue, but like you said the search terms are impossible to find. Can you try using two different XP/7 machines to see if the issue is based on using xp and 7 in conjunction? Then try the same thing with 7 and 7 and xp and xp. That way we have narrowed it down to a particular configuration. if it turns out that just one set of computers does it then likely its an OS issue and a reinstall may be merited. If it always happens with xp and 7 then perhaps giving microsoft a call or even trying another company's driver. Hope that is in line with what you are looking for.