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Unable to install Dell 1600n 32-bit drivers on Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit


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Unable to install Dell 1600n 32-bit drivers on Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit

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Since it's 64-bit 2008 Server I installed the 64-bit drivers first. But when I tried to add the 32-bit drivers (by going to "Sharing" and then "Additional drivers") I got the following error message:

"The selected driver must be installed remotely from an x86 computer using Type 3 (User mode) drivers."

The drivers I got from the Dell website are probably wrong or outdated and I can't seem to find them anymore. When I go to the "Drivers & Downloads" section of the Dell website it says no driver available for Dell 1600n printer. But I remember downloading them from there, maybe something is broken in their database or on their website. I also tried with my service tag but it's not recognized. :(

Now it works only for my 64-bit clients because only the 64-bit drivers are installed. But I have a network with many Windows 7 32-bit + Windows XP 32-bit clients so I need the 32-bit drivers to work as well. Can anyone send me a link to the most recent drivers?

Thank you.

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  • EB I wish i had an answer for you. Looking at the table of available drivers on the Dell site it shows the 1600n as being compatible with Win 7 with no known exceptions. M

    My problem is i am looking foir the 64 bit version that you mentioned you have up and running. Any possivbility of getting a link or copy of that driver?

  • Thanks for replying ben.ferg. Here I created a share with the drivers and I've put both the 32-bit and 64-bit version:


    These drivers were downloaded from Dell some years ago, but now I can't find them anymore looks like they've been removed from the Dell website. Now when I go to support.dell.com and try to download drivers for this model I get the following message: "No downloads are available for the [ Dell 1600N Multifunction Mono Laser Printer ]."

  • YES!!!  These are the drivers I used to install this printer on 2 laptops - Win7 X64!!

    Unzip it, go to the 64-bit directory,  then the Dell1600n_Driver_ONLY_Win7(64bits) directory, and click setup.exe.

    It will install everything, including the scanner if you wish.  

    I am trying to figure out why Dell removed the driver from the site.

    They work great.  Scanner works!!  Scanner is a bit "not high res" since it is only 200dpi in color, but works fine just the same.

    Dell has a history of NOT SUPPORTING THEIR PRODUCTS!!!

    Ask everyone that had a dell printer with WinXP and moved up to Win7.  Dell had no driver.  When called, the reply was that the product would no longer be supported!  

    Obviously Dell is more interested in selling you something new than supporting the equipment you bought at Christmas JUST 6 MONTHS AGO!

    Ok, I agree this printer isn't a spring chicken, but it is a great product for home (yes, I have it at home) or a small office.  Toner is cheap and it prints well.

    It just seems like Dell would rather run it's patrons off by not supporting their products than actually supporting them.

  • @innovater1

    I'm glad I was able to help you find the drivers, this is a mystery why Dell removed them from their website. But it seems like they should release new ones anyways because there seems to be an issue installing multiple drivers for the same printer on Windows Server 2008 R2.

    I don't really agree with your comment when you say Dell has an history of not supporting their products. For PCs, servers, workstations, laptops, etc... I personally think they are the best compared to other manufacturers and their website is also the best to find drivers. I am usually able to find everything I want, even when a new Windows OS is released Dell usually release new drivers even for their old products, I rarely have problems finding drivers from them. However, when it comes to printers it doesn't seem to be their forte, so I could agree with you on that part.

    I am surprised you use this printer for home as it seems to have been designed for enterprises. I manage a network with over 150 users so of course this is not our only printer, we also have HP and Canon printers and their drivers work flawlessly on our new file server. Unfortunately these Dell drivers I've shared doesn't seem to work very well..... Hope Dell will make new drivers available soon or help me find a workaround how to get the 32-bit drivers installed as additional drivers on Windows Server 2008 R2.

  • I had a similar problem. I had the 32 bit drivers, but could not load them through the "additional drivers" interface. It wanted me to provide the path to a 32 bit ntprint.inf. There are about a dozen different copies of this file installed on Windows Server 2008 R2. Good luck finding the right one.

    The solution is actually simple. Open Print Management on a 32 bit machine. Add the 64 bit server to the server list. Click on drivers, right click and select add driver. Choose x86 driver type, and browse to your 32 bit driver. Voila, your server now can serve both 32 bit and 64bit clients.