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Dell 1815Dn: Can copy, can scan, but can not print


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Dell 1815Dn: Can copy, can scan, but can not print

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We have a Dell1815dn on net that has been working perfectly… until today. Suddenly, we can copy and we can scan, but we can not print. It does not appear any message error, it just does not work. This problem has become in all computers at the same time and we haven´t done any configuration change recently. Can anybody help us? Thank you very much!!! Cristina

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  • Anybody there?

  • The Forum is a user to user process so maybe the other users do not have your printer. You can use the Dell Printer Support site. There are links to -
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    One-Stop Troubleshooting Tool
    Assistance with "HowTo" Questions
    Out of Warranty Service

  • Hi, Chris and everybody else.

    I visited the support site but, unluckily, I did not find a solution. After trying many things, finally IT IS FIXED.  I´m going to explain it here for the case that somebody else could need it:

    Since the machine was copying and scanning ok, it could not be a hardware problem, it had to be something with the installation, so:

    1.Print the network configuration report

    2. Choose "add printer" in control panel

    3. Select "printer on net"

    4. Select "Connect a printer in the internet"

    5. Copy, from the network configuration report, the printer URL

    6. Finish and it is fixed

    Thank you very much and have a nice day!

  • Thanks for posting the fix!

  • You´re welcome. "I love it when a plan comes together" :-)