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Dell 1320 printer prints too light

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I have a dell 1320 and I noticed that the black cartridge prints out too light lately.  I changed to another new cartridge but it's still light.  I also change the density of the color.  Can't find a solution here.  Any ideas?

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  • Several things to try. First read troubleshooting guide in pdf manual or help manual. Then also try clean color density sensor (CTD) per manual instructions. Note there are 4 little windows. Shine a flashlight on the leftmost rectangular one; this is the black one, to better see if no dust on it. Take out cartridge and shake it per help manual instructions (inside a paper bag?). Check the "toner saving mode box," print a page, then uncheck it and see if page comes out darker. Clean the print head with the cleaning rod. Do "developer stir." Does not use up toner, just stirs it. As last resort try "cartridge refresh" procedure.