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Wireless set up for Dell 1355cnw


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Wireless set up for Dell 1355cnw

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How do you set up the wireless connection? The instructions are incomprehensible and incomplete. I am annoyed because I paid quite a lot extra for this and I resent having to pay even more to ask how to set it up because Dell couldn't be bothered to provide instructions.

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  • Open the 1355CN User's Guide. Read pages 33 and 85.

  • mine says no reception

  • agreed this is awful

  • Dell's amazing support - "Open the user guide".  Thanks Chris M, it helped us all

  • Mine as well - and this after it worked flawlessly.  Suddenly it doesnt work - I redid all network settings manually and to no avail.  Despite being 2 feet from the transmitter (which is sending and receiving signal to a number of devices) the printer cannot see the network.

    Next I try using a USB cable.  Dell has gone way downhill - its practically junk.  Alienware laptop I spent 2k on has had numerous issues and now this printer.

  • how about a link to this user guide?  all I could find so far is a quick ref guide and quick install guide.  neither had wifi info.