Dell 3130cn Color Laser Printer Error Codes?


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Dell 3130cn Color Laser Printer Error Codes?

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I was wondering if there is anywhere the error codes for a Dell 3130cn are listed?

I have one of these printers which lists the last 5 errors as:

010-377 0x00000001 05.06.00 201005101352
003-356 0x00310417 05.06.00 201005101352
003-340 0x00000003 05.06.00 201005101352
016-302 0x50008008 0x00000000 201005101352

Any information on what these errors mean or where I can look up these error codes? The on screen only said to restart the printer, which fixed it, but I'm curious as to what caused it.

Thank you for any assistance.

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