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P713w taking a long time to print anything


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P713w taking a long time to print anything

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We have noticed some issues with our printer int hat it appears to be very slow to print even a very small (4 lines of text) document, it can take a few minutes to print or sometimes to not print at all, unless the printer is rebooted.

I work in a small office and we purchased a Dell P713w printer as our printing needs were quite small. We set up the printer without any difficulty, deciding to only configure it to use ethernet connectivity. we set up a print server role on a Windows Server 2008 machine so all users could print to the same print queue to make it easier to manage. We made sure the latest Dell drivers for this printer from their website were loaded.

At first I thought it was due to the sleep settings on the printer but I have set these to the highest value I can (shame you can't turn it off as we don't really want it to go to sleep ever!), and it can happen before the printer has gone to sleep.

Scanning/copying is all fine and it only seems to be the length of time documents seem to take to print that is the problem, any tips or things I could check that might be causing the issue here please?

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  • Dell have concluded this would appear to be a hardware fault so are replacing the printer,  will see how it behaves after we get the new one.

  • Well the replacement arrived and was installed, however we have the same problem, guess noone has any advice on this problem?